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30th June 2022

What Should Superyacht Charter Guests Expect?

Whenever you book super yacht charters in Hong Kong, Thailand or anywhere else in the world or have been invited to tag along, it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodations and impeccable service on what will be a truly relaxing break. Within the confines of this private space that allows you to cruise the waters, you will need to abide by certain superyacht charter etiquette during your stay, and when interacting with other passengers and crew. Here are the do’s and don’ts that will help ensure your charter experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. 

Superyacht - Sanlorenzo

Pay attention to the safety briefing

At the start of your journey, you will be taken through a safety briefing to advise you on safety rules. Do not underestimate the need to make note of these details as you will be on board a floating villa that will carry you through some unpredictable sea conditions. The briefing will ensure you understand the risks and how you can enjoy a safe experience while under the care of the crew. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you have.  

Stick to guest areas

Every guest on board the charter will have an assigned room and be shown all the common areas. there are certain places you will be advised to keep away from, including crew quarters and the galley. Try to avoid intruding on the crew’s space so they too can comfortably get rest when they need to in between serving your needs. 

You may on occasion be invited to visit the galley, but outside of this, do keep away to allow the crew to focus on their work of preparing the delicious meals on your menu. Note that this can be a high-pressure and dangerous environment for those not trained to work here so allow them to carry out their jobs without worrying for your safety. 

Attire and shoes

Even on a superyacht charter, you are expected to wear casual attire, unless you have specifically arranged for a black-tie event. However even if there is to be a formal celebration, please note that you are expected to abide by the “bare feet” rule as most footwear, especially high heels, can damage the flooring on the teak deck and in cabins. 

If you must wear shoes, they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. Most crews will provide a basket at the end of the gangway or at the salon door where you can safely deposit your shoes until when disembarking. 


To further ensure due care of the yacht, it is advisable to use only soft luggage. Some superyachts for charter in Phuket do not have trunk rooms and soft luggage is far easier to stow away. Not to mention that without the hard surfaces and wheels there is less likelihood of damage being done to the flooring and other interiors. 

Allow the crew to do their duty

The crew of a super yacht charter have many duties they need to attend to. These responsibilities when diligently carried out ensure that you have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. They put much effort and enthusiasm into their job to ensure you have a memorable experience. You can help them fulfil their part by giving them space to perform these duties, such as leaving your cabin for at least a few hours each day so they can get the housekeeping done appropriately or staying away from the galley so they can focus on preparing your delicious meals. 

While they will try to keep an upbeat mood when interacting with you, they may not be able to spend as much time sharing in your revelry, so please do not be disappointed if they decline an invitation to join you to keep doing their jobs or get some rest.


The crew will ensure the yacht is fully stocked and equipped with everything you will need to enjoy your stay. If you need accommodations like to host a few friends who will drop by for some drinks and food, do inform the crew early on so they can be prepared. It can be stressful to create situations where there is an unexpected shortage of food and drinks on board. Be sure to also let the crew know whenever there is an accident, breakage or spillage so they can remedy the affected area quickly. 

If you have any problem with one of the crew, please avoid confrontation, you can leave it to the captain to handle the matter so just let him know about the problem. 

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Superyacht charters can be a wonderful experience for children of all ages as they can often participate in many of the fun activities planned. Most crews are very accommodating of children of various ages and many will take time to interact and even play with them. 

However, remember that they still have their duties, please ensure that you can fully attend to your child’s needs.


If you are travelling with a pet, ensure that you inform the charter provider so they can assign you a pet-friendly yacht. They are better equipped to accommodate this kind of guest. This is best done when booking, but should also be confirmed again before boarding. 

Showing appreciation 

The crew will work hard to ensure you have a great time while on the charter. If you have any requests, do communicate with them early on so they can accommodate your needs. They will also ensure that their personalities and moods are as closely attuned to your parties so you never feel uncomfortable interacting with them. To reward this effort, especially when it delights you and your party, it is common courtesy to compliment the crew. 

Tipping or crew gratuity is also standard practice in this segment of the hospitality industry. It is a more tangible reward for a job well done and can be based on the quality of service you feel you received during the trip. It is customary to tip somewhere between five and 15% of the charter rate. This sum is paid to the captain who will then share this amongst the crew. 

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