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17th October 2022

What Can I Expect From A Superyacht Charter Experience

When it comes to a superyacht charter and the amenities and facilities onboard, the sky is the limit. Although the amenities and facilities will vary from yacht to yacht, the standard of accommodation and everything else will be first-class.

Levels of Service Onboard A Superyacht Charter

A superyacht charter is much more than an ocean-going vessel that transports passengers from A to B. To all intents and purposes, it is a sea-going multi-star resort with the services, facilities, and amenities that you’d expect from an ultra-premium hotel. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the things that come as standard on the vast majority of superyacht charters. As previously mentioned, the amenities and facilities will vary from superyacht to superyacht, but the charter experience as a whole will reflect the exclusivity of this kind of holiday or short break.


The food served on a superyacht charter is nothing short of exceptional. The head chef will have years of experience in preparing meals for people who demand the best. With a background in conjuring up mouth-watering dishes at the world’s leading hotels and restaurants, you can be assured of quality fine dining that competes with any leading establishment anywhere in the world. The service staff will also be fully trained and have extensive experience in providing impeccable levels of service across the board. From lobster to caviar to sushi and the finest aged steaks paired with the finest vintage wines, no cuisine is too exclusive for superyacht charter guests.

Swimming Pool

Depending on the type and design of the superyacht, most will have either a jacuzzi spa, a paddling pool, a lap style pool (often designed incorporating water jets which allow the swimmer to stay in the same place but experience the same level of exertion as one would experience in a lap pool) or an infinity pool which is becoming more popular, particularly on the newer superyachts. As new superyachts are designed and launched it can be expected that the range of swimming pool options will also increase, although this is largely dependent on the size of the yacht.

Beach Club

What originally started as a platform at water level at the rear of the yacht has been transformed into an area that could be described as a beach club. Complete with comfortable seating, full entertainment systems, and even bars, these areas offer guests the opportunity to fully relax in an informal setting whilst enjoying easy access to the sea. The yacht designers get around any size constraints by installing a hinged transom that can be folded down to create a large platform and folded up when not in use or for operational reasons.



Many superyachts boast a fully equipped gymnasium for those who like to stay fit during their leisure time. Some mobile exercise equipment such as the stationary bicycle or treadmill can be placed at the beach club providing easy access for a cooling dip after the session has finished. The gymnasium is also useful for those who want to burn off some of the effects of the gourmet food served onboard.


In common with the gymnasium, a sauna is a welcome addition for those who appreciate a tangible health benefit while cruising the ocean. Due to the specialized equipment and installation requirements, the yacht sauna is usually located in a specially designed cabin whilst on some superyachts they are installed in the master suite.

Spa & Massage

Some superyachts now feature a full spa facility complete with a jacuzzi pool and trained massage specialists onboard. Many yachts have crew that has undergone training in massage techniques and received certification. The yacht will generally have either a dedicated massage room or a portable table that can be positioned wherever you wish in order to enjoy the incredible views or the fresh sea breeze.

Salon Services

A superyacht charter is all about pampering yourself and a beauty salon is an integral part of the pampering process. Some of the larger yachts may have a fully featured salon onboard, complete with the services you’d expect onshore including manicures, pedicures, and even facials. Smaller yachts may have trained crew to perform some of these services, please mention to your charter broker when you book if you would like these services included.

Sun Pads

Sun pads are standard fixtures on all superyachts and are generally scattered around the vessel allowing guests to relax and work on their tan in a variety of areas. Whether plan to cruise the Gulf of Thailand or have booked a superyacht charter in Malaysia, you’ll find your favorite sun pad when you get onboard.

Captain & Crew

Although the Captain and crew could never be described as amenities, the success of your superyacht charter ultimately depends on them. The Captain is responsible for everyone’s safety with the crew in support. Every member of the ship’s crew has a role to play from the kitchen staff to the cleaners to engineers and the importance of having a Captain and crew who carry out their roles to perfection should never be overlooked when taking a Superyacht Charter vacation.

Simpson Marine specializes in Superyacht charters with fleets based at the most popular cruising hotspots across the world including the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and the whole of Southeast Asia. With a full expert crew and a wealth of knowledge regarding the seas we sail, we guarantee you the holiday of a lifetime. With regional offices spread across Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan, and a headquarters in Hong Kong it’s easy to get in touch and book your superyacht charter today. We can also answer any questions you may have and accommodate any special requests.

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