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Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability and CSR

In a world where innovation propels industries forward, the yachting sector stands at the forefront, embracing cutting-edge designs, technologies, and practices to champion ocean preservation. At Simpson Yacht Charter, we’re not just sailing; we’re steering a course towards a more sustainable future, both within our organization and through our processes. Our initiatives encompass a spectrum of positive change. Our resolute dedication shines through initiatives such as beach clean-ups and participation in ocean data research programs. The cessation of single-use plastics at our events and in premiums reflects our proactive approach to waste reduction.

As we steer this course towards a sustainable horizon, we extend our hand in partnership. We invite you to explore our recent undertakings, each a testament to our commitment. Through sharing our endeavors, we aspire to inspire – to ignite a spark of shared responsibility that transcends boundaries.

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