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19th May 2023

Long-Term Yacht Chartering: Extended Trips and Monthly Rentals, What You Need to Know

Simpson CharterThe popularity of long-term charters has been growing tremendously in recent years. Some say this is a post-pandemic reaction, and people realise there is much more to life than short vacations. Whatever the reason for the rise in demand, people can’t get enough of spending extended time at sea. There are some great benefits to extending your stay onboard, and, thankfully, it coincides perfectly with the increased opportunity of remote working. Today we will discuss some of these benefits, give some tips if you are considering a long-term charter, and provide some fantastic ideas on destinations.


What are the benefits of taking extended yachting vacations?


When it comes to the benefits of chartering a yacht for longer, they can seem endless, depending on your preferences. However, we are going to share some of the most popular perks that people enjoy on their trips. So, prepare to be full of temptation as we tell you just how better a charter can be when you don’t have limitations on time. 

You get to see everything – People who have chartered yachts for one month or more will tell you countless stories of what they got up to on their trip. With little limitation on time, you get a chance to bask in the beauty of whatever destinations you are exploring. If you fall in love with a particular location, there is no need to rush. It also gives rise to the opportunity to see more places and truly enjoy the culture, food, and scenery. If you want a fully immersive trip, chartering for longer is undoubtedly the right choice. 

Ultimate relaxation – When you are on a short trip, it can sometimes be hard to fully relax, knowing that you need to consider returning to normality soon. With this stress gone, it is far easier to kick back and forget about the world as you voyage through paradise on your luxury charter. 

Making up for lost time – Many have said that they are chartering for longer to make up for lost time throughout the pandemic. If you feel like you have missed out on holidays over the past two years, why not extend the ones you have planned to make up for it?

A real sense of adventure – Chartering for longer will allow you to sail farther and reach those faraway destinations. So if you have a sense of adventure and want a true voyage, a lengthier charter will allow you to live out your wildest dreams. 


What are the most popular destinations for a long charter?


It is all well and good knowing the benefits of a long charter, but where can you make the most of them? There have been many destinations cropping up on people’s bucket lists, and opportunities are aplenty. Here are some of the most popular destinations where you can take absolute advantage of your long charter. 


The Mediterranean – With abundant beautiful coastlines, incredible cuisine, culture, and hundreds of islands to explore, it is no wonder why the Mediterranean has the long-reigning title of the most popular place for chartering a yacht. This area of the world is ideal for a long-term charter as there is simply so much to explore. From metropolitan cities to rural villages, each place is bursting with culture. You can sail down the coast of Italy to explore ancient ruins and indulge in its culinary finesse. If you wanted to take it further, you could even set sail for the historical country of Greece, with over 14,000 km of coastline and thousands of islands to explore. There is so much to do in the Mediterranean that you can charter a yacht for as long as you desire without ever getting bored. 

Southeast Asia – For a long time, Thailand has brought Southeast Asia to everyone’s eyes with its picturesque islands, Theravada culture, and oceans teeming with life. With a more extended charter, you could explore the sites of Thailand, set sail to explore the wonders of Cambodia, or set a course to enjoy the countless islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. This part of the world is booming with natural wonders, wildlife, water sports opportunities, and, not to mention, world-class cuisine wherever you go. 

Sanlorenzo SX76

French Polynesia – This area of the world consists of an incredible melding of cultures that creates one of the most unique experiences out there. With a long-term charter, you can submerge yourself in the warm culture of over 100 paradise islands. French Polynesia is renowned for being one of the best dive spots in the world, while its land mass is full of glorious encounters with nature. One of the unique things about this location is its French influence, meaning you get to enjoy the friendly welcomes of the indigenous people and feast on an outstanding cuisine that consists of fused local and French dishes. 

The South Pole – Charters to the South Pole seem to be forever increasing in popularity, and due to its location, it is the perfect destination for a long-term luxury charter. If you have a taste for adventure and want to witness some of the most unique scenery on Earth, then this is the place to go. You can explore scientific research stations, go whale watching, and see penguin colonies first-hand. 

Some top tips for a long-term charter


If you are used to a regular charter and considering extending your holiday for longer, there are some essential things to consider. Firstly, ensure you pack enough or that your charter has ample laundry facilities. You never know where you could end up, so it is good to be prepared. Secondly, due to the nature of a long-term charter, you might be exploring multiple destinations, so it is vital to prepare appropriate travel documentation for your trip, especially if you haven’t decided on every country you will explore. 

On top of this, it is a good idea to charter a yacht with plenty of toys and facilities to keep it fun for everyone on those long voyages. Ensuring there is something for everyone joining will make the trip much more enjoyable. If you are bringing children, bringing a nanny along might be a good idea for a little extra relaxation. 

Are you considering your next charter?


If you are planning your next yacht charter, whether long-term or not, browse our extensive fleet that spans the entire globe. With almost 40 years in the business and eleven offices, Simpson Yacht Charter is the place to go. Do not hesitate to contact us for your holiday of a lifetime. 

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