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Simpson Yacht Charter’s (SYC) exclusive Charter Yacht Ownership Program has been developed to cater to the needs of yacht owners wanting to enjoy time on their yachts without any of the worries or time-consuming demands of daily yacht operations. The program also enables yacht owners to capitalise on their purchase, turning it into a long-term investment with an attractive yearly Return On Investment (ROI).




Having invested in a charter yacht, begin to benefit from our programme immediately by placing your yacht in our Phuket charter fleet for at least 60 months (with the option to withdraw after the second year).


Make the most of life on board your yacht in the unbeatable location of Thailand, Asia’s most beautiful holiday destination. Enjoy up to 12 weeks a year aboard your own floating villa exploring the exotic archipelagos of the South-East Asia region.


A profit share of 65% to the owner and 35% to SYC equates to an annual RETURN ON INVESTMENT up to 14% dependent on the charter booking agenda and yacht type. We offer absolute transparency on all costings and the accounts book will confirm your flexible ROI.

Our professional Simpson Yacht Care team will ensure that your yacht is kept at in peak condition at all times. This ensures longer usage years and better resale value in the future.


Our VIP Concierge Service allows you to enjoy a seamlessly organised holiday with airport/hotel pick-up, personalised yacht setup, complimentary welcome package, a Phuket charter guide with water sports instructors, and various activity programs.


At the end of the set contract period, experienced Simpson yacht brokers will assist you with advice on resale and investing in a new yacht, should you wish to continue enjoying the program. If you decide to withdraw during the contract, you are free to do so at the end of each season after the second contract year.

STEP 1: With a detailed ROI projection for your selected yacht model you can purchase your dream yacht and place her within the Simpson Yacht Charter fleet.

Our unique advantages:

  • Customise your yacht to you with tailor made specifications.
  • As Simpson Marine exclusively represents the most prestigious European and US yacht brands in South East Asia, SYC offers preferential rates to new yacht purchasers.


STEP 2: SYC will assist you with the yacht charter registration process under the Thai charter flag and provide a selection of suitable insurance coverage for you to choose from.

Our unique advantages:

  • With 30 years of operations in seven countries all over South East Asia, SYC respects local business practices and remains in strict compliance with local law and regulations. Our Thailand-based lawyer network will assist you with your application for Thai company registration for the yacht.


STEP 3: The charter net income will be shared with you at 65% (owner) and 35% (SYC). Open-book account reports will be presented to you each quarter for full transparency. Our professional Yacht Care services will ensure that the yacht is kept in excellent condition, safeguarding your investment by maintaining it in peak condition and retaining its high value.

Our unique advantages:

  • Our first priority is to always keep the charter yachts in our programme in peak condition, as opposed to mass charter operations often seen in Asia. This uncompromising dedication to “quality over quantity” sets us apart from others.
  • With a solid and proven charter record over our many years of operation, we are confident that we will achieve over 20 weeks of charter a year for your yacht, providing an attractive yearly ROI with transparent quarterly report of all costings.
  • Your yacht will be under Simpson Yacht Care’s professional maintenance program, with our expert team ensuring your yacht is kept at its best at all times.


STEP 4: Enjoy up to 12 weeks a year on board your private yacht in the stunning surroundings of Thailand, with all the benefits of our VIP owner concierge service.

Our unique advantages:

  • Our commitment: “Your holiday starts the moment you land in Phuket”
  • Your yacht will always feel like home with our team setting it up exactly as you like it. Let us pamper you with your favourite scents, flowers and tastes. We will organise your airport pick-up/drop off and pre-arrange full yacht provisioning.
  • We will ensure that your time on board is perfect, with additional experiences on offer including a 5* chef, water sports instructors, local excursions and guides.

Contact us now to discuss your next dream yacht and membership to this exciting program.


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