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17th April 2023

Sailing With Children In Thailand: How To Make It An Unforgettable Experience

Taking your boat or charter out is one of the best experiences in the world. For most, it is so fun that they can’t bare for their children to miss out. When creating such wonderful memories, it is only natural to want to share them with those you love. Unfortunately, a common misconception surrounds yachting; is it suitable for children?

Of course, there are dangers, and we have all heard stories, but both are perfectly fine if you know what to do and where to go. Thailand has some of the world’s most beautiful natural sights, and there are too many activities to mention. It is probably the most recommended destination in Asia to take the whole family. While some might deem sailing an unfit activity for children, we will tell you precisely what you need to have on your trip to make it a perfectly safe and unforgettable holiday. If you are considering taking the family on your next sailing holiday, but are a little unsure of the implications, read on for our top tips for sailing with kids.



Safety first


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the most critical thing concerning anything with children, safety. If you follow our advice, there is no reason why sailing wouldn’t be ideal for bringing the kids along.

Rule number one is to set the rules. We know that you know best about your children, so we can’t tell you how to develop and enforce these rules, but you need to make it very clear to them. It is a good idea to familiarise your children with safety onboard a boat before you leave for your trip. If they have never been on a boat, use pictures on your phone or computer to help as a visual aid. It is up to you what rules you set to keep them safe but ensure you review them frequently before setting off. Don’t make it seem too scary; you want them to be as excited as possible.

You can do a few things to create a safe sailing environment. Many of them can be arranged with your yacht charter as they are used to accommodating children onboard. Double-check that you have a life vest that fits your child; if not, you might have to find one before the trip. You can also request safety nets to be put up in case curiosity gets the better of the little ones when peering over the edge. Another essential thing is taking the right medicine. Children likely experience bouts of motion sickness, so packing for this is necessary. Furthermore, pack more sunscreen than you think you need.

If you have any other concerns or your children have specific needs, you can always consult an expert in yacht chartering. Whatever your concerns are, they will be able to guide you.



Mapping out your route


If you’re someone who likes to see as many places as possible on sailing trips, or someone who is in it for the ride, this is something to be mindful of when bringing children onboard. Try and plan for shorter routes to limit the risks of motion sickness or, even worse, agitation. A frustrated child is not what you need to create a relaxing holiday.


What clothes do you need to take?


The main rule with clothing is to pack light and bring something for when it cools. You may want to bring extra hats and swimsuits for children so that you can change them when they get wet. If you plan on-land activities such as trekking through the jungle, it is also a good idea to bring appropriate footwear. One thing that your child might love is their very own captain’s hat.


Onboard entertainment


Unfortunately, children might get bored while onboard, so appropriate entertainment is a must. If you are trying to keep them off digital devices on holiday, we recommend bringing them for a restless emergency. You can also talk with your charter company about providing entertainment onboard too. Here is a list that we recommend:

  • Snorkel and diving masks
  • Boardgames and cards
  • Making a play area
  • TV or cinema for a chilled night in
  • Fishing equipment
  • Children’s books about pirates



The most important thing you can do to keep your children entertained is to let them be part of the experience. Let them help you with maps or have a go on the wheel. This will make their experience incredible.


Things to do in Thailand


If you are unsure what there is for families in Thailand, here is a list of great ideas for family activities. Of course, there are much more, but this is a good starting point for inspiration.

  • Visiting elephant sanctuaries
  • A day out at the water park (there are plenty to choose from)
  • Selfie museums (definitely worth a look)
  • Water sports
  • Jungle treks
  • Longtail boat trips
  • Visiting iconic locations from movies
  • Ziplines and adventure parks
  • Ice skating
  • Rock climbing
  • Kids-clubs
  • Zorbing
  • Mini Golf
  • 3D arcades


Planning a family trip to Thailand?


If you are considering bringing the whole family on a sailing trip to Thailand, Simpson Yacht Charter might have precisely what you need to create the perfect escape. Get in touch if you have questions about a sailboat charter in Thailand or want some more tips for sailing with kids. Our experienced team will be able to give you the guidance and recommendations to make your next charter the one to remember.


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