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25th September 2023

Themed Yacht Trips: Unique Ideas for Your Next Getaway

When it comes to creating the ultimate party atmosphere in a location none of the guests will forget in a hurry, there can be few more impressive ways than with a luxury yacht charter. Here at Simpson Yacht Charter, we have put together some of our favourite top yacht party themes to give your party that extra bit of pizzazz and make the event fun and memorable for all the right reasons. 


Top yacht party themes


Whatever the occasion of your party, from company events to birthday parties, graduation celebrations and everything in between, there is no better way to ramp up the sense of fun than with a theme for dressing up. When picking the theme and dress code, try to be aware of the party type and the range of people who will attend. Avoid any themes that may cause untold embarrassment and indignation to any of your more conservative guests. 

If you’re organising a work event, bear in mind your boss might not appreciate themes of an overtly sexual or demeaning nature. You can still have a great deal of fun and merriment with safer routes, and some of the top yacht party themes are still oldies-but-goldies. Some great options to consider include:





The chances are most of your guests have fond memories of some decades, especially if they experienced their formative years during that period. Think about the fun possibilities of the following decade themes:

  • The 60s – Instantly recognisable fashion, ground-breaking music, beehive hairdos and miniskirts.
  • The 70s – Rock n’ roll, hippies and ‘flower power’, bellbottom flares, and outrageous patterns. 
  • The 80s – Electronic classics, insane hairstyles, fluorescent socks and some of the wackiest clothing ever seen.

Cultural diversity


If you are part of a culturally-diverse group of individuals, asking them to represent their own culture with traditional dress is a fascinating challenge and a great conversation starter. Care must be taken, as it is all too easy to cause offence, so be sure to insist individuals represent their own culture only. You can provide catering to represent each culture involved, even asking them for advice and contributions if you wish. 

  • Nothing gets people more excited about a party than the thought of sharing their favourite childhood cuisine and sampling the delights others have to offer.



An easy look to achieve, even with little or no notice, and appropriate for a lively party on the water. Pirates are great fun to portray and you will encounter some hilarious attempts to secure a parrot firmly on the shoulder. Just prepare yourself to get sick of hearing people say “Arrr”. 

  • Decorate the yacht with gaudy trinkets and scatter golden chocolate coins everywhere for an impressive but easy and fun effect. 



Coloured clothing


If it suits your purposes to lean a little more towards the classy side of things, choose a single colour and ask guests to come dressed only in that colour. This can be especially stylish if you happen to choose white, as it’s easy to look sophisticated and elegant dressed all in white, but any colour will work well. 

  • Coordinate your catering with the theme where possible, perhaps serving red curry and red velvet cake or blue cheese and blueberry pie. Let your imagination run wild. 

Masquerade ball


A masquerade party is a particularly nice way of promoting an evening of traditional dancing, ballroom style. It will not alienate any guests and can be a whole lot of fun as people hide their identities and play alternative roles. 

  • A professional string quartet can make a stunning impression on the masqueraders and get everyone in the mood for some ballroom dancing. Many know a huge array of modern tunes as well for when things need to liven up later.




Perhaps the most recognisable style on the planet, Hawaiian clothing epitomises bright colours and glorious flower patterns. Grass skirts and leis all around, it is an easy theme for everybody to access and looks stunning when all your guests are grouped together. 

  • Catering can be centred around the tropical punch, lots of lovely seafood, fresh fruit, and the dreaded, divisive Hawaiian pizza.

Casino Royale


Set up some roulette wheels and card tables and issue each guest with chips to wager as they arrive. Later, it might be fun to allow people to exchange those chips for a selection of prizes or experience forfeits if they have none. Use your imagination and a lot of fun and laughter can be had and, perhaps best of all, the men will all try to emulate James Bond and the ladies will wear their most gorgeous gowns. 

  • Classy as well as fun.

We all float down here


If it is appropriate for your guests to be a little less formally attired, why not provide everyone with a rubber floating ring, inflatable flamingo, or blow-up shark and set them adrift on the hopefully calm waters? If it’s hot, people will be excited to get into the water and be entertained for hours. Provide lots of towels, bathrobes, and slippers to ensure everybody remains comfortable if the temperature drops. Get the electric pump out and let the chaos ensue!

  • The goal is for everyone to have a blast and stay safe so consider leaning away from alcohol-heavy punches if you have people in the water.

Some other crazy themes


These might be more suited to hen parties and stag/buck events:

  • Superheroes and villains
  • Animals
  • Oompa Loompas 
  • Reverse gender
  • Fruit



Final thoughts


While a party should be fun and give people the chance to throw off their inhibitions and enjoy themselves, not everybody views fun the same way. The thought of ‘fancy dress’ is the stuff of nightmares to some people, so give serious consideration to your guests before making your final decision. If you are not too sure how it will be received, try and choose a theme they can all participate in without embarrassing themselves. Above all, have fun and stay safe. 

Contact us


If you’ve spent enough time thinking about top yacht party themes and are ready to discuss the perfect yacht to charter, get in touch with the team here at Simpson Yacht Charter today. We have all the experience and knowledge you need to make your party the most memorable affair possible that people will still talk about for years to come. 

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