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17th April 2023

How to Pack for Your Catamaran Charter Vacation

If you’re unfamiliar with charter holidays, have booked, or are considering booking a catamaran for your next, this guide might be for you. Packing for a catamaran is very different from your usual holiday. You need to consider the size of the vessel and the amount of storage available. You will need to make sure that your packing counts, so be prepared to sacrifice some items if this is something you aren’t familiar with. Here is our quick guide on what to take on your catamaran charter vacation.


Firstly, make sure you have the correct paperwork


A crucial component is the paperwork if you are travelling afar for your chartered catamaran vacation. As well as passports, you may need visas, sailing permits, or a boating licence, depending on where you are going. Keep all of these together and safe, so your journey runs as smoothly as possible.



What baggage should I use?


You want to avoid anything too rigid when you are packing. A traditional suitcase might not have a place to be stored during your voyage. Taking a duffle bag that you can keep almost anywhere is a good idea. It would be best to avoid checked baggage when flying. If anything happens to your bags, the airline can’t drop them off when you are at sea. One more thing to remember is a good day bag for any trips you go on during your vacation.

Clothes – As we said, the space might be limited, so you must be considerate when choosing what to wear. Fortunately, you don’t need to take much on a chartered catamaran. Keep your clothes light with a couple of pullovers if the temperature drops. Most people opt for bare feet while onboard a catamaran, so you only need to consider footwear for activities on land. If you want to pack shoes to wear while you’re sailing, we highly recommend a pair of rubber-soled sandals when walking on the deck. Also remember to take changes of swimwear, sunhats, and sunglasses too.

Check the weather forecast – You should always do your research on the climate you are visiting. If there is a risk of rain, then be sure to pack a good raincoat. You don’t want to be getting soaked in any inclement weather you might encounter.

Keeping essentials dry – Remember, you will be at sea, and we’re sure you might want to bring some items that the ocean is unforgiving towards. There are excellent products you can buy which will ensure your electronics stay dry and you can still use them. For example, consider a waterproof case for your phone which ties around your neck. This way, you can still take photos or check your emails without worrying about large waves. You can also get very good zip-tie waterproof folders to store paperwork, passports and other electrical devices.


Onboard essentials


You should never go on a boating trip without some items, especially if it is for multiple nights. If you don’t know what to pack for a catamaran, we have compiled a list of things we think are crucial.

#1 Sunscreen – If you are going somewhere that is likely to be sunny, take sunscreen. Even if you don’t usually burn, a combination of being out at sea and tropical weather can be dangerous as well as painful.

#2 First aid kit – You never know what falls and scrapes might happen. Being out at sea can be daunting when you think of safety, so make sure you are prepared to deal with those little accidents if they occur.

#3 Anti-sickness meds – This can make or break your holiday if someone suffers from motion sickness. So always make sure you have these to hand, just in case.

#4 Goggles – Most people will plan to take a dip at some point. So make sure to pack your goggles or mask and snorkel to really appreciate what lies beneath the water.

#5 Basic toiletries – A good idea is to buy travel size when packing your toiletries. A toiletry bag is a good measure of how much you should be taking on your trip.

#6 Towels – Things get wet when you’re out at sea, so there is nothing wrong with packing extra towels. Suppose you are planning beach trips, the more towels the merrier.

#7 Sleeping aids – Such as eye masks or ear plugs. It can sometimes be noisy or bumpy, so bring whatever you need to help you get a great night’s sleep.

#8 mosquito repellent – This item can save the holiday if you are in any tropical or warm climate.



Entertainment and electronics


Streaming might be tricky at sea if you plan to watch a movie or series in your downtime. So it is good to download what you want to watch and listen to or bring some CDs and DVDs.

Also, there might not be many electric outlets on board, so power banks, solar chargers, or spare batteries are highly recommended.

Also, pack some reading and writing material, games, or a deck of cards for your trip.

One electronic item that we recommend is a good camera to capture those incredible moments.


We hope you’re now feeling prepared


Now that you know what to take on your catamaran charter vacation, are you feeling ready? If so, Simpson Yacht Charter is the place to go. We have bases throughout the world and many vessels to choose from. With an experienced team by your side, we can help you plan your perfect catamaran charter.

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