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11th March 2024

Romantic Yacht Proposal Ideas That Will Make Your Partner Say ‘Yes’

So, the time has finally come. You’ve met your soul mate, and it’s time to pop the big question. With the advent of social media and a level of interconnectivity no humans have ever experienced, the pressure to make the proposal a unique, memorable moment has taken on even greater fervour. But fear not because the solution may lie in sailing away from the chaos and lack of privacy the land offers and proposing on a beautiful, chartered yacht. What more romantic, unique way could there be to ask the most important question of your life? 

Here at Simpson Yacht Charter, we’re past masters at assisting budding grooms (or brides!) with any aspect of their intended proposal, so don’t be afraid to reach out for advice and guidance. In the meantime, let’s look closer at marriage proposals on the ocean waves and how to go the extra distance to ensure the perfect result. 


  • Select the right vessel

Your chosen yacht is a crucial element of your romantic proposal and one you should consider carefully. Fix your budget and look at the features of all the vessels it allows for. Please speak to your representative and tell them your plan. If they are as experienced and knowledgeable as the Simpson Yacht Charter team, they will have a wealth of valuable suggestions and ideas to put forward. Think about more than just the look of the yacht; consider how much space it has, whether the galley is suitably well-equipped for the chef to prepare your special meal and lots of other considerations.

Once you’ve procured the perfect vessel for your imminent proposal, much of the hard work is done. Luxury yachts have an inherent level of opulence and mystique that already puts your proposal among the most romantic possible, but there’s still work to be done. Before taking any further steps, consider the following options and recommendations:


  • Find the right location

You may be limited in where you can board your luxury vessel, but that does not mean you have to accept any backdrop for your perfect moment. Speak to the captain beforehand, inform him of your intentions and ask for advice on the best spot for the task. If heading for the open seas, it will be a matter of picking the best place on the yacht (more of that later), but he can still orient the vessel to give you the best view if given enough warning. 


  • Choose your moment

Compare popping the question in glaring midday sunshine to waiting until the sun sets over the horizon, casting its glorious hues over the vessel and softening the atmosphere. Any photographs will look amazing, and you could not pick a more romantic time of day to surprise the love of your life. This is especially appropriate if you have dressed for dinner and are taking in the view with a glass of something refreshing before your fine-dining experience.


  • Guide your beloved to the perfect spot on board

Not all areas of your chosen yacht will have similarly attractive features, so think about the best place for your proposal beforehand and share it with the crew. The last thing you need is to be standing on deck with a ring in your hand as they shuffle past carrying equipment or supplies. The yacht’s bow is almost always an excellent choice and looks superb and private in photographs.


  • Arrange decent photographs

If you want the proposal to be a complete surprise, it makes little sense to try and bring a professional photographer on board. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to handing your iPhone to the nearest crew member and asking them to snap a few shots. Hiring equipment is relatively easy and inexpensive, and having a top-quality camera is a good way to give yourself the best chance of good results. 

Speak to the crew beforehand and find the person with the most skill at taking photographs. Give them specific instructions if required and let them familiarise themself with the equipment. It is always a good idea to have a second person snapping shots with your phone or taking a video while the photographs are being taken. Cover yourself in case the equipment fails, and don’t risk having no record of this momentous occasion. 


  • Request a special meal for the occasion

If your chosen vessel and chartering package includes the services of a chef, be sure to discuss your plan with them as far in advance as possible and mention any favourite delicacies and cuisines that will make the meal even more special. You may wish to provide a custom-made cake or dessert created by someone else, but mention this to your catering team before purchasing, as they may very well be able to handle something of this nature themselves. 


  • Choose appropriate background music

Again, this will depend on several factors outside your control. A string quartet might not be feasible, but you can create a personalised playlist for the yacht’s entertainment system or even bring your own. 


  • Have friends and family record personal messages

The desire to share the moment might be irresistible to your partner, but imagine their surprise to learn that they have many heartfelt messages from their loved ones to make the occasion even more special. If you are not entirely convinced of the outcome, this is a bold tactic, but fortune favours the brave!


  • Arrange a special activity

This option will depend on whether your vessel is moored or at sea and what location you will be in. A sleight-of-hand magician, singer, or other entertainer might be a wonderful addition to the day, but only if the yacht is large enough for them to hide on board until the moment comes and they are prepared to play along. Some alternative ideas include games, puzzles, or a scavenger hunt. Use your imagination, put in the effort, and it will be worthwhile to see the results. 


  • Leave nothing to chance

Depending on your nature and how much confidence you have in getting the result you want, marriage proposals can be stressful. Mitigate as much of that as possible by thinking it through carefully beforehand and asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does my partner enjoy sailing as much as I do?
  • What is the weather forecasted to be like?
  • What alternative location on the yacht will I choose if it rains?
  • Is the camera functioning correctly?
  • Does somebody on board know how to use it and have instructions on compositions, etc?
  • Have I ordered champagne?
  • Is my cake maker able to deliver on time?
  • How will I get the cake and other materials on board secretly?
  • What other activities can I arrange?
  • Are there any items I can bring along to enhance the moment? 
  • Have I practised what I will say?
  • Have I got the ring?



A marriage proposal is about one thing and one thing only—a genuine, touching moment between two people who are madly in love. Although the ideas we mention in this article are a superb way to enhance the occasion, retaining sight of this vital fact is essential. Yes, you will only get one chance to propose and may be desperate for perfection, but life doesn’t always work out that way. Do whatever it takes to set the perfect scene and show how much you care, then relax and enjoy the moment. Too many touching moments over the years have been ruined for those involved because their stress levels were too high to enjoy them. Do your best, plan as carefully as you can, and then let the beauty of the occasion wash over you as waves over the sandy shores.

If you would like to get our experienced team’s advice on planning your once-in-a-lifetime occasion, get in touch and let Simpson Yacht Charter guide you through the process.

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