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11th March 2024

How Corporate Yacht Charters Can Boost Business Relationships and Networking

The business world is built on interpersonal relationships and working agreements made at the very highest levels of companies. As each sets out to impress the other, they seek ever more lavish and impressive ways to show their commitment to quality and recognition of the finer things in life. It is of little surprise that corporate yacht charters have grown ever more popular as company executives seek to make a lasting impression on each other and create thriving, productive networks. 

Who can resist holding a business meeting on board one of the most luxurious vessels on the planet and discussing business deals in the sunshine with a refreshing drink? Feeling appreciated and pampered is conducive to creating long-lasting positive associations and mutually beneficial relationships. This article examines the trend towards corporate yacht charters and why they are a next-level move in the ever-evolving chess game that is big business. 



Showing commitment and value are crucial factors in any corporate interaction, and there are few things more luxurious than premium yachts and superyachts. From the moment they are transported to the marina, the sense of opulence and quality cannot fail to impress even the most hardened business executives. Guiding them and helping them to recognise, understand, and value your company ethos can only ever be facilitated by shows of commitment on this level. 

With options for corporate yacht charters of all levels, Simpson Yacht Charter has assisted the seamless relationship-building of company executives and owners since 1984. We have a sensational, extensive range of vessels, whether you prefer to bond over some exciting sport fishing or recline by the onboard pool with cocktails and canapés.



With the prevalence of ever-bigger yachts and superyachts, even some of the most ambitious corporate events can now be arranged and held atop the ocean waves. Some offer a variety of large indoor spaces and smaller, intimate meeting rooms and dining areas. Professional crew members ensure all safety and logistical issues are dealt with, and flawless service from premium-level staff keeps the guests smiling. 

  • Perfect for hosting any number of clients and business associates, a corporate yacht charter offers almost limitless potential to impress. 



Some business deals and negotiations require the utmost privacy and isolation, and not many locations can match the open sea for these. Away from prying camera lenses and curious onlookers, corporate yacht charters are a great favourite among high-level corporate players and famous names from the world of film, television, music, and sports.   

Such isolation, peace, and quiet have the added benefit of removing external distractions. With nothing but the lapping waves and opulent surroundings, achieving a more intense focus on the business at hand is possible without the stifling feeling of being trapped in a boardroom. 

  • All professional yacht crews and service providers are bound by secrecy, and their absolute discretion is assured. 



The old concept of combining business with pleasure is not to be underestimated. Many of the world’s most significant deals have likely been struck while individuals have been enjoying themselves in the lap of luxury, and nothing exudes luxury like a state-of-the-art yacht. With bars, restaurants, pools, and adrenaline-fuelled toys like jet skis and powerboats, top-of-the-range yachts are unmatched at providing entertainment, privacy, and decadence. 

What better way to relive the intensity of high-level corporate negotiations than a delightful lunch from one of the world’s top chefs, a dip in the immaculate infinity pool, or throwing some shapes on the dance floor to the offerings of a top DJ? All these and more are available on corporate yacht charters and the phrase ‘work hard play hard’ was never more appropriate. 

  • From themed dinner parties and live entertainment to onshore excursions, the options are limited only by your imagination.



One of the most attractive features of yachts is that they are more than just a location to hold high-level meetings or enjoy fine dining. They are, first and foremost, an elegant form of transportation that can access areas others cannot. Your party might relocate to an exclusive beach, visit pristine caves, experience one of the world’s incredible coastal cities, or spend time at an exclusive island resort. 

  • The opportunities for exploration and adventure are second to none when you have access to ocean-going vessels of this calibre, and your business partners and associates will be smitten. 



Another incredible benefit of chartering a yacht is the flexibility it offers. You can spend an afternoon sunning yourself with a drink off the coast or a week exploring the local highlights and must-see locations. However, the ability to customise your experience extends beyond the time spent on board and locations visited. You can also choose your perfect service levels and outside services, including:

  • Vessel — At Simpson Yacht Charter, we have an exquisite collection of vessels to choose from and can offer all the information, advice, and guidance you need to make the right choice for your corporate occasion. 
  • Itinerary — Short and sweet or long and languid; the choice is yours. 
  • Onboard activities — Depending on your guests and their interest in interactive games and experiences, you can organise all manner of fun activities, from murder mystery nights to pool games.
  • Catering — When you arrange the catering for your corporate event, the sky’s the limit. You can include everything from Michelin-star chefs to dedicated cocktail servers and baristas. 
  • Entertainment — With in-built entertainment centres and movie screens, you might wish to show your carefully crafted marketing material or the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Some other favourites include up-close magicians, live music providers, DJs, arts and crafts instructors and more. 
  • Health treatments — From yoga instructors and reiki practitioners to personal trainers and professional masseuses, your time on board can be as rigorous or relaxing as you choose.



At Simpson Yacht Charter, we’re here to give you all the advice and guidance you need to make your corporate yacht charter one to remember. Please reach out to our experienced, knowledgeable team today and let them explain the incredible range of options available to you when you choose to engage our services as your corporate yacht charter experts.

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