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29th December 2023

Celebrating Love on the High Seas: Tips for an Anniversary Yacht Charter

Anniversaries are a key element of so many relationships, and depending on your partner, it can be a source of great stress and mental anguish to plan and execute something appropriate and memorable. Parties are fine, and it’s nice to show others your special bond, but are they the relaxing, luxurious experience you deserve? Imagine spending your anniversary aboard a luxury yacht, skimming above the placid waters, isolated from the chaos of life. 

Maybe you will still host that party, but instead of a room somewhere, your guests will be thrilled to receive an invitation to join you on a floating marvel to be served luxury canapés and cocktails. The details are yours to decide, and here at Simpson Yacht Charter, we have a great deal of experience in making dreams come true, ensuring that your special occasion is something to live long in the memory. Let’s look at some options and activities you could consider when planning your ultimate anniversary yacht charter.



You may wish to throw a lavish party on board a luxury yacht with your closest friends and family or prefer an intimate break for just the two of you. This decision is the most significant you will make when planning your celebration of love on the high seas, so if you close your eyes and picture the perfect romantic celebration, what does it look like? Take your time and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any unavoidable factors to be accounted for? (children, pets, etc.)
  • If familial and peer pressure did not exist, would we celebrate our anniversary alone, or would we still invite our closest people?
  • Are we treating it as a more formal occasion with an exchange of vows or more as a relaxing retreat?
  • Is the organisation of a large party something feasible in the available time frame?
  • What location options are on the table?
  • Do we prefer stunning sunsets, expansive ocean views, gentle coastal breezes, or more activity-based destinations?

The bottom line is that you deserve the anniversary celebration you have always wanted, and it should be about you and your partner first.



This step can only occur once you have decided on the nature of the celebration. Whether you require a party vessel to accommodate 40 people or a small, cosy sailing vessel to explore and while away the hours in isolation, your choice of craft is crucial. At Simpson Yacht Charter, we have the expertise and range of vessels to cater to any choice you make and will be more than happy to assist you in your decision-making process if necessary. Whatever you need to create the perfect romantic anniversary occasion, we have you covered.



Even if you plan to throw a party, you may have time before or after the event to treat yourselves to a special, romantic dinner for two. Arrange to have staff serve your favourite food and drinks at a beautifully set, candle-lit table and soak up the peaceful serenity of time floating on tranquil waters. It is all too easy to let the fast pace and general chaos of life consume us if we let them. Take time to breathe in the sensation of time alone with your partner aboard the perfect luxury vessel. 



The fun can begin if you’ve decided to throw a lavish bash and invite your closest friends and family. Some elements of your party to consider long before any suitcases need to be dug out include:

  • Catering and drinks — Don’t forget the champagne, essential for when the time comes to raise a toast.
  • Renewing vows — A few moments set aside to remind people (and yourselves) of the reason for the party are a nice touch.
  • Entertainment — A hired DJ is great if your vessel will be moored during the party, but it is more complex logistically if you plan to set sail with everybody on board.
  • Dancing — Choose a yacht large enough for your guests to throw a few shapes when they loosen up. Don’t forget, the first dance should be yours.




A fun, touching way to make the occasion feel special and hark back to the big day is to include items and details from the wedding itself. You can incorporate as many elements as you wish, from the music choices, decorations, and even the original bridal veil. Guests might even be invited to adhere to a colour scheme if there is one. Have the DJ play the same tunes, and remember to throw a bouquet! 



While it is a mistake to let the small details become overwhelming, they can make all the difference to any anniversary celebration’s final effect and experience. Ensure the essential factors are in place that the occasion cannot function without, then spend as much time and energy as you wish honing the event and adding personal touches. Above all, remember that this is an occasion to celebrate your relationship and treat yourselves to a unique, memorable experience. If the planning strays into stressful realms, pull back and never be afraid to engage the services of professionals who will make it look effortless. 



With our extensive range of stunning vessels and experienced, capable crews, you will find the perfect match when you engage the services of Simpson Yacht Charter. Contact us today, and we can discuss the details of your dream anniversary yacht charter, helping you every step of the way with expert advice and guidance.

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