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16th January 2024

Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Chartered Yacht

Picture yourself, your friends, your loved ones, and your soon-to-be spouse dressed in all their finery aboard one of the most luxurious, stunningly decorated floating masterpieces ever conceived. With a superb selection of elegant wines, immaculate canapés, and haute cuisine, all delivered with impeccable service. If your wildest dreams allow for a perfect wedding that is a little more adventurous and flexible, a luxury yacht may be the ideal solution. Simpson Yacht services include facilitating various events by matching them with the perfect yacht charters and crews, and dream weddings are no exception. This article looks at chartering a yacht for your wedding and what it entails to create the ultimate romantic occasion, from logistics to the realities you must face when planning your unforgettable wedding on the water.



All venues have a capacity limit; it’s just that a yacht will tend to have a smaller one, and that must be part of your preparatory considerations. Some superyachts can still hold over a hundred guests, but it may be that a restricted number suits your plans better and makes certain aspects of the planning less complicated. From the smallest, most intimate celebrations to mid- and even large-sized affairs, a wedding yacht charter can probably cater to your required numbers and remains one of the most memorable, impressive ways to do so. 



Deciding on your ideal guest list and fixing that number is crucial to yacht selection. Speak to your charter representative and be sure to discuss any restrictions and other factors you should be aware of, including: 

  • Coast Guard regulations — Depending on your chosen location, some vessels may be restricted to how many people they can have on board, even if docked or at anchor. This will vary wildly, so discuss it with your rep and understand the boundaries beforehand.
  • Include everyone who will board at one time or another — From your chosen marriage officials to photographers, catering staff, and entertainers; you must account for everyone in attendance, not just the guests.



A certain level of chaos and unpredictability is unavoidable before the ceremony begins. This is especially true if you have guests begin ferried to the charter yacht by inflatable dinghy if it is anchored offshore. The key to remaining calm and in control is to do several things, namely:

Have a plan — It stands to reason that the wedding day will have an itinerary and a highly detailed breakdown of what happens throughout the day (recommended). So many events of this nature neglect to give due care and attention to the logistics of guests arriving. Ask yourself:

  • Where will guests go immediately upon arriving?
  • What if it is raining?
  • How will they be assisted if they are wet from the dinghy ride?
  • What beverages and snacks will they be offered?
  • Who will be in control of their general well-being and comfort?
  • Is there any entertainment for those who are waiting?
  • Where will the guests onshore wait to be transported?

The list of questions goes on, and it pays to assess them a long way in advance. The best thing you can do to mitigate unforeseen problems is to have a great team behind you that is resourceful and capable in any given situation. 

Relinquish control — Have enough assistants and well-briefed staff to handle the arriving guests and respond to unexpected events or requests. It is not easy for some people to let go and trust others to do as they are bidden, but it is essential if the day is not to drive you to madness. Put faith in the right people and try to maintain a flexible, contemplative approach to things out of your control. Barring a tropical storm, nothing should ruin your celebration, so sweat the small stuff beforehand, then let it go on the day. 



Many charter yachts are powered using batteries, solar energy, and backup generators. They will likely allow you and your guests to plug in all your appliances and devices, but not simultaneously. They should have no problem accommodating the massive surge of energy required when the event starts to ramp up. Still, check with your DJ and any entertainers/chefs/beauticians if they intend to use any power-sapping equipment. Nothing will kill the party faster than the lights going out because the dry-ice machine is drawing too much power while the bride is having her hair done, and the chef has every electrical item known to man running in the galley. 



The best will and preparations in the world cannot control the elements, and it is essential to have a contingency plan in case the heavens open before, during, or after your ceremony. Most showers in the tropics are short but brutal if that is your location. An accepting, stoic mindset helps if the worst happens and it pours all day. The show must go on, and letting it dampen your mood is not allowed; adjust according to the pre-arranged plan, and enjoy yourself.



If the tsunami of details threatens to overwhelm you, consider engaging the services of a professional wedding planner. The amount of work and stress that can be lifted from your shoulders is remarkable, allowing you to focus on the fun elements of the occasion. All too many weddings, water-based or otherwise, descend into chaotic burdens that destroy any sense of fun and celebration for the couple at their centre. Work closely with your Simpson Yacht Charter representatives to select the perfect vessel, and don’t be afraid to seek help with other aspects of the big day. 



Traditional weddings vary wildly in cost, whether simple ceremonies on family-owned property or the most lavish extravaganzas at stately homes and mansions. It stands to reason, therefore, that a wedding yacht charter is no different. Putting aside the cost of the catering, entertainment, and related paraphernalia, the base price of the vessel itself can range from ‘lower than imagined’ to ‘stratospheric’ and everything in between. 

Key factors that drive the cost of any wedding charter include:

  • Size and type of vessel — If a simple sailing skiff is all you need for an intimate affair, you can expect very reasonable rates. If you require a luxury superyacht to hold a hundred guests, the amount will be exponentially higher.


  • Location — Popular sailing destinations come in all shapes, sizes, and costs. If your location is flexible, you can discuss options with your Simpson Yacht Charter representative. From the Mediterranean to the South Pacific and even the Antarctic, we have incredible vessels to offer and can give you all the advice and assistance regarding cost differences.


  • Date and length of excursion — High-season is a more expensive time to organise your event, as are fixed holidays. The best deals can usually be negotiated in the off-season, and it pays to remember that most charters with a crew require a minimum one-week sail.



When planning the ultimate water-borne wedding, it is a great idea to soak up as much information as possible and get the best advice. The team here at Simpson Yacht Charter has decades of collective experience in yacht charters and will gladly discuss your exact requirements. With such an extensive range of widely-spread vessels to choose from, we are bound to have the perfect solution, so please take a few moments to browse the site, then reach out to us when you are ready.

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