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6th February 2015

Must visit places on a Thailand Yacht Charter: Krabi

boatsonbeachOn a Thailand yacht charter, Krabi is must visit place due to its outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. Krabi is located on the east coast of southern Thailand, about 800 km south of Bangkok and about 175km from Phuket. There are stunning white sandy beaches with towering limestone formations popping out of the clear turquoise seas, whilst the coastline is dotted with uninhabited and rarely visited palm fringed tropical islands. On the islands you can explore the untouched beaches, waterfalls and caves and admire the strange rock formations. The main beach areas are Ao Nang, Rai Ley and Phra Nang and a visit to Krabi Town itself is well worth it.

Reasons to go

A great place to relax and wind down as there is a very slow pace of life and a lot of the beaches can only be reached by water.

Most of the area is designated as Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National park, and this incorporates many of the mainland beachs, a lot of the smaller islands and the Phi Phi islands. (Made famous in the film “The Beach”)

Plenty of chance for adventure too be it kayaking around the caves or snorklling and diving in the crystal clear seas.

Great for some birdwatching and sightseeing too whilst relaxing on board your yacht charter.

About Krabi

The Krabi province itself covers an area of over 4700 sq km, and is bound by Phang Nga in the North and the Andaman sea and Trang province in the south.

The highest point in the undulating landscape is Khao Phanom Bencha at 1,350m

There is also a diverse aquatic life to be found in Krabi province, mainly due to the mangrove forests that cover much of the coastal area and creating a natural breeding ground.

Krabi town itself is a small and quirky town situated at the mouth of the Krabi river and is majestically located amongst stunning angular limestone rocks. It is a busy little place with many restaurants and gift shops catering to the growing tourism in the area, however it is less commercialised than neigbouring Phuket.

Where to go

  • Khao Kanab Nam is one of the outstanding natural landmarks to Krabi, it is a hill that rises straight from the sea to a height of a 100 meters. You can take a staircase to the top of the hill, through the caves with stalactites hanging from the roof, to enjoy the stunning views at the top.
  • Susaan Hoi (Shell Cemetary) – This amazing site and natural phenomena, is unique to Asia, and one of only about 3 sites in the world. It is located about 20kms from Krabi, close to the Laem Pho village and is quite a natural phenomena. Around 75 million years ago there was a large fresh water swamp which was full of snails. Once global changes took hold and obliterated the swamp, layer upon layer of snail shells were accumlated and since fossilized to almost half a metre thick. It is quite a sight to see particularly at low tide, when the extent of the fossilised remains is breathtaking.

Beaches of Krabi

There are many many fabulous beaches to visit in Krabi province; so here are just a few you can enjoy whilst on your yacht charter in Thailand.

Ao Nang Beach – possibly one of the most developed beaches in the area, it is nonetheless a very clean beach with a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear sea, with the limestone cliffs rising straight from the sea. The bay around this beach has around 83 islands to explore on your yacht charter.

Hat Noppharat Thara – This beach can be found around 20km west of Krabi, and the 3 mile stretch of beach is lined with a stunning Casuarina forest.

Rai Leh and Hat Tham – These are probably 2 of the most popular beach in this area and are only accessible by boat, either on your yacht charter or by long tail boats, this gives the whole area a peaceful and secluded feel.


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