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15th September 2023

Maximising Your Private Boat Charter: Tips for Itinerary Planning

Chartering a yacht is an incredible way to experience new destinations. The beauty of a yacht charter is that your itinerary will be just as much about sailing between destinations as the destinations themselves, with delicious downtime to enjoy nothing but the wind in your hair as you glide along the water. Planning your yacht charter itinerary is a fantastic way to get excited about your upcoming sailing adventure, as this is when you have the time to sit back and consider all the wonders you will experience along the way. 

Consider suggested itineraries


Most yacht charter companies will offer a series of suggested itineraries that have been put together with sound knowledge and years of experience sailing in the local waters. These are a great base to work from as they will show you how much is achievable within your chosen charter duration. Suggested itineraries will be based on local weather conditions for certain times of the year, so you will know what to expect when it comes to wind and weather patterns while planning your yacht charter itinerary. Once you have read through the suggested itineraries, it is time to begin putting together your dream sailing vacation. 



Make a wish list 


One of the main reasons to charter a yacht is to enjoy your vacation, your way. Many enjoy the absolute privacy of their own vessel during a sailing vacation along with the freedom they have to go anywhere they please. After reading the suggested charter itineraries for the area you are looking to sail in, it is time to make yourself a wish list of places you would like to see and experience during your vacation. It is best not to use regular tourism resources when planning to visit destinations on a sailing holiday, as they won’t tell you if something is accessible by boat or have much of the information you will need regarding ports and moorings or expected sailing times between destinations. Once you have an idea of where you would like to go, you should look for sailing-specific information about each destination that will provide you with the kind of in-depth information you will need to include these places on your itinerary. 



Pre-book key experiences


Though a big part of planning your yacht charter itinerary is about keeping it flexible, it is also good to be prepared to ensure there are no disappointments along the way. If there are key experiences on land that will be making up part of your itinerary, it is important to pre-book these to avoid disappointment, especially if the activity is in high demand. If you cannot make it to the planned destination due to bad weather, bookings can always be cancelled, but there is nothing like travelling to a specific destination for a certain activity only to find out that it is fully booked already.  



Don’t over-plan


One of the most exciting parts of a sailing vacation is the sailing itself. If you find yourself packing items into an itinerary so much that you will have no rest time aboard your chartered yacht, it is time to take a step back and remember what your sailing vacation is all about. When planning your yacht charter itinerary, you should always give yourself time to enjoy the simple things. Have a totally free day when you and your guests can soak up the sun from the deck or enjoy the beautiful waters without the need to go ashore for yet another excursion. The idea of a sailing vacation is to focus on relaxation and to intersperse your plans with visits to amazing destinations. 



Have a Plan B


Sailing, as with any ocean-related activity, is always subject to wind and weather for safety reasons. Even if you have planned the most amazing itinerary for your charter, it is always good to remember that things aren’t always possible if unfavourable weather comes into play. Having a solid Plan B itinerary in place is always a good idea so that in the case of bad weather, you are prepared with a backup plan that means you can continue to enjoy your experience, despite the weather. Your charter company can assist with this, offering information on the safest routes to take in bad weather based on their years of experience in the local waters. 

Include a wow factor


If you are captaining your boat journey, it is up to you where the vessel will take you and what kind of experiences you will have on your voyage. There will always be the little wow moments that come from simply being on the water. A pod of dolphins breaching near the bow, an exotic bird perched on the railing or witnessing the most stunning sunset over the water that throws colours you couldn’t believe into the sky. On top of these wonderful experiences, including a little wow of your own is a great way to maximise your time on board. Plan a dinner under the stars on the deck of the boat, pre-book some live entertainment to come aboard during one of your stops or simply include a surprise destination that you know everyone on board will enjoy. These kinds of moments can take a regular sailing itinerary from good to exceptional. 



Seek advice from professionals that know the area


If you have never visited the destinations on your list, let alone sailed there before, seeking advice from the pros is a great way to ensure you have all the information you need when planning your yacht charter itinerary. The experts from yacht charter companies often live in these destinations year-round, which means they can help you with handy bits of information you may not be able to find online. They will also know about the under-the-radar destinations and experiences you can add to your itinerary to make it truly special. Seek out the advice of local professionals to help you plan the best possible itinerary for your yacht charter vacation. 

Have a full plan in place before you depart


Sailing journeys are all about efficient planning. For safety reasons, you need to have a complete itinerary plan ready to go before you depart, with a solid alternative in place in case of bad weather, but this can also be part of the build-up for your vacation. Present your itinerary outline to those that will be on board as an enticement to get excited about your sailing vacation. The time you take to plan your itinerary before your yacht charter will pay off once you are out on the water, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your vacation. 



Book your yacht charter for a sailing vacation today


The team at Simpson Yacht Charter are ready to assist you in planning the most amazing itinerary for your next sailing vacation. With years of experience and a fantastic range of vessels to choose from, they can ensure that you choose the right yacht for your experience that will be the key factor in creating a once-in-a-lifetime escape to some of the most beautiful waters in the world. Contact the team at Simpson Yacht Charter today to book yourself the sailing holiday of your dreams. 

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