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17th April 2023

How Boat Rentals Are The New Form Of Ecotourism

By now, we have all heard the term ecotourism.  In a world where everyone is conscious of their impact on the environment, ecotourism has shot to the top of everyone’s holiday aspirations. Today we are going to discuss how boat charters can be far more eco-friendly than we think. There have been assumptions that yachting isn’t always the environmentally friendly choice of holiday, but when you think about it, it is probably the oldest form of ecotourism on the planet. 

Ecotourism is tourism set in a location where people can appreciate nature in all its glory while being conscious of the surrounding environment. It is true that throughout the history of yachting, there have been times when the environment hasn’t been put first, but this occurrence is actually much rarer than one might think. In recent years, the boating community has had some revolutionary innovations that have dramatically decreased their already low impact on the environment.


Why are boats more environmentally friendly than we once thought?


Lagoon 52F Blue Moon


Traditionally, boats don’t require the use of fossil fuels for them to run. Of course, modern boats tend to use engines, but there has even been a tremendous amount of progress in making these less damaging to the environment. Having the choice to switch between using engines and sails gives people the opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment while having a great holiday. Even when engines are being used, the fuel a sailboat uses is far less than other forms of transport that one might use to go on holiday. 

On top of this, the world’s top boat builders are working tirelessly to create more ways to lessen the industry’s carbon footprint. We have seen some fantastic creations in recent years, and they are only getting better. 


Eco-friendly innovations


These are a few of the significant developments in the boat-building industry that can ease your worries about environmental impact while on your next charter. 

No more relying on generators – There is now no need to rely on generators while the vessel is anchored. New yachts are built with sustainable batteries that can help power all onboard necessities.

Solar skins – There are now boats with solar technology built into the composite wood, meaning the entire boat absorbs the sun’s energy. This has to be one of the best things we have seen so far. 

Hybrid engines – Most new boats are now built with hybrid engines, which use less fuel and are much better at reducing harm to marine life. 

Better sails – It can be easy to forget what yachts were like before engines, but boat-builders now focus more on the sails as they are increasingly popular in this eco-friendly world. 



Ways to be more conscious of the environment while renting a boat


Make use of the wind – Utilising the sails on a boat is probably one of the best things you can do to lower your charter’s impact on the environment. Wherever possible, it is a good idea to switch off the engine and use nature to guide you through your holiday. This can also be an enjoyable and educational experience.

Use renewable energy – Switching to renewable energy is another amazing way to make your trip eco-friendlier. There is so much choice out there that it isn’t too difficult to find a boat that relies solely on renewable forms of energy rather than fossil fuels. This can also enhance a holiday by lessening the noise of engines and generators. 

Go for a catamaran with solar panels – There are some great catamarans that are capable of being entirely eco-friendly. They are great vessels for a steady sailing trip and have ample space for an exterior solar skin. If you want your holiday to be completely green, this is the best choice out there. 

Eat locally – When planning a charter and communicating what you want, it can be a better choice to eat locally in the area you are visiting. Rather than having your favourite foods shipped from all over the globe, eating locally will reduce air miles and put your eco-conscious mind to rest. You might also discover some fantastic new dishes. 

Be mindful of chemical pollution – Remember that an entire world buzzing with marine life is below your feet. Unfortunately, some of the products we use can be very harmful to the ocean and its inhabitants. This could be something as simple as your choice of sunscreen. Read up on the products you use and how they might be damaging to marine life. 

Correctly dealing with waste – Any waste that you produce, whether natural or not, can have a very negative impact on the environment. Make sure you know where it is going. It can also be easy to forget you are at sea on a luxury boat, so make sure you keep on top of things that might blow away. Small things like this can have massive impacts. 

Source a boat without onboard generators – To guarantee that you aren’t going to burn fossil fuels and pollute the water. Try and find a boat that doesn’t rely on generators. Many boats now use batteries to power the boat when it is anchored. This is a sure way to have the best night’s sleep and a relaxing time onboard your chartered boat. 



Learn more about the eco-friendly options for your next charter


If you want to be more mindful of the environment on your next vacation, get in touch with Simpson Yacht Charter today. We have an abundance of options for your next private boat charter and can discuss the possibilities for a more environmentally conscious way to enjoy your next trip. Let us help you find the eco-friendly charter of your dreams. 

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