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28th December 2016

Charter Holidays in Langkawi

Now, is the time of year when everyone starts to think ‘what will my New Year’s resolution be this year?’. It might be to stop drinking or smoking, it might be to take up running, start making use of your gym subscription, to see friends and family more – which are all wise choices. It is, however, quite a heavy burden for some to bear, almost every year we disappoint ourselves by never really reaching the unrealistic goals we set on December 31st. Well, don’t worry, because we have got this one covered for you.

come on a once in a lifetime yacht charter holiday with us from Australia to Thailand.

journey with us

Make your resolution to satisfy a little bit of that wanderlust (you know that feeling that has been nagging away at your insides for some time now) and come on a once in a lifetime yacht charter holiday with us from Australia to Thailand.

As well as our voyage around Phuket and the Thai isles, you can experience the luxury of one of our Yachts on this Australasian journey of a lifetime. After leaving Australia, you can visit up to five ports before reaching the beautiful Thailand. Asia really is too big a place to spend your time in one location, there is simply too much to experience! With us, you can also visit Jakarta, Bali, Pulau Balam, Singapore and Malaysia. Although they all share a certain quality, each destination has its own distinct qualities which intrigue and delight travelers. In this article, we will walk you through each of those places, to really get you excited to say the words ‘this year my New Year’s resolution is to travel more’.

The stunning city of Jakarta       

Now Jakarta is known to be one of this earth’s greatest megalopolises (super large cities),

you can experience the luxury of one of our Yacht Charter on this Australasian journey of a lifetime.

Voyage around Phuket and the Thai isles

and it also has one of the most stunning Bays. The location is famed for its quirkiness, and its dynamic nature, and so it is often thought of as the crown jewel of urban Indonesia. For what it lacks in breath-taking nature, it more than makes up for in spirit and culture thanks to its millions of people who despite facing adversity, walk around with the biggest smiles on their faces. Jakarta has a rich aroma or spice and warmth, and within its boundaries you can experience some rich colonial history, as well as the bold confidence of modernity. In the south is where you will find the biggest juxtaposition of huge mega-developments and humble traditional dwellings. Some say Jakarta is like a living organism, under constant transformation and with a fast-paced aura. The whole place has a magical authentic bohemian feel. Jakarta is home to many of Indonesia’s top museums, eateries, and malls, meaning there is plenty to do on a layover. There are around 17,000 islands in this region, and its people come from far and wide making it one of the most diverse locations of the trip. This also means it is great for shopping and getting some adorable souvenirs too, it is a melting pot of culture and you are sure to want to take away at least one small piece of it with you.

The beautiful island of Bali

Benoa Harbour is Bali’s main port, it is at the entrance of Teluk Benoa on the Northern side of the Bay.

The beautiful island of Bali

Benoa Harbour is Bali’s main port, it is at the entrance of Teluk Benoa on the Northern side of the Bay.
The Bay is linked to the mainland of Bali by a 2km long causeway, and its waters are shallow meaning there is no fear of large cruise ships docking and flooding the small but beautiful Bay with thousands of tourists. As you would expect for Bali,
it is a popular destination for those who seek a plethora of marine activities. Tanjung Benoa and Jalan Pratama are thriving hubs of water sports. Mornings and school holidays can get quite busy in these areas of the island and so it wouldn’t hurt to schedule ahead. Here you will find an inviting array of restaurants, clothes shops and spas which makes for a lovely spot of stop-over shopping. Jalan Pratama leads to a quieter fishing village, which makes for a nice change of pace, and more authentic an experience with the Balinese community. There are also two temples within walking distance of one another, which is a lovely little walk to do to break up the soaking up of rays on the beach. Kuta and Nusa Dua are thought of as the more ‘relaxed’ or downmarket parts of Bali, but in being so are a lot more family friendly too. You may also find an art market on your travels here, which is a refreshingly different experience to the bustling busy markets full of trinkets that you may find on other stops.

The bountiful Pulau Batam

It is a good place for a quick stop but not somewhere you would spend more than a couple of days what with so many other great locations in easy reach.

The bountiful Pulau Batam

Pulau Batam lays at the Northern end of the Indonesian chain and has a nice Mediterranean style marina. The island is famed for its golf resorts and casinos and therefore is a weekend attraction for the Chinese. It is a good place for a quick stop but not somewhere you would spend more than a couple of days what with so many other great locations in easy reach. There are many seedy bars, which gives you a bit of an introduction to the impoverished side of Indonesia. Pulau Batam is therefore often used as more of a base to explore from as it has great transport links (not that you need to worry about that when you are on one of our own private yacht charter holiday). It is a small island, but over a million people live there, and the community there is bustling and thrives off visitors accessing the restaurants, water parks, and golf resorts. The beaches are pretty special as well, and so you could always just relax there for a while with a cool drink in hand.

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The awe-inspiring Singapore

At the southern end of the Malacca Straights, Singapore is something else entirely. A vibe all of its own, and distinctly different from the other ports of call on this once in a lifetime trip. Once considered to be a bit of a dull and drab experience, Singapore has since reinvented itself to be one of the world’s hottest cities. Known as the ‘City in a Garden’, Singapore is a utopia for those who enjoy nature and all its beautiful greenery. There is the botanic gardens in the heart of the city which are a must see. Set in the middle of ancient rain forests, with an abundance of primates, lizards, and tropical fruit. Singapore is a great place to explore on bike too for the more active among you. A little like Jakarta, Singapore is a city of contrasts; sky scrapers to dense jungle in just a few hundred yards, old style shops mixed among hidden cocktail bars. There is not only Chinatown, but also Little India, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. It is all of Asia confined to one city, and it is addictive. This is also one for the shoppers among you, and the malls here are almost temple like and packed full of on trend couture and brand new tech. The food is equally exciting, what with the blend of ethnicities, you can find flavors from every corner of the continent.

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The magnificent Malaysia

For this leg of the journey you can visit East or West coast. So let’s start with the East coast. This side of Malaysia is part of the Peninsular. It is the rural half, and it is less well-off than the West, but this does mean it is comparatively unspoilt and has some of the region’s most breath-taking scuba diving. Because of the lower exposure to western norms and values, it is also the most culturally conservative which is something to bear in mind when travelling there – covering up is a courtesy which will get you a long way. In certain areas Syariah law is in place and so the sale of alcohol is limited.On the resort islands to the east things are a little more relaxed. It is unsurprisingly, an agriculture based economy which means there is farmland as far as the eyes can see. Visiting the East Coast, you must take into consider the seasons as strong monsoons hit between November and February. April to October are the best bet. The Kelantanese cuisine is exquisite in this region and must be tried. The West Coast runs alongside the Straights of Malacca. It is far more developed, and it is here you can find the capital Kuala Lumpur. The West is better for those seeking a more urban adventure.



So there you have it, your multi-stop trip to satisfy your New Year wanderlust. When the clock strikes 12 this December 31st, be brave and commit to spend 2017 trying to see as many new corners of the world as possible. Life is too short not to right? Do the right thing, and make your New Year’s resolution to get on out there and see some more of this wonderful world by way of Simpson Yacht Charter.

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