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22nd September 2014

Top 5 Exotic animals to spot on a sailing holiday in Langkawi

Silvered_Leaf_Monkey_(3679438632)If you are an animal or nature lover and are on a sailing holiday in Langkawi, then you will have a wonderful time spotting the abundance of exotic animals on this beautiful island! Here are our top 5 to look out for…

  1. Butterfly Lizards – These lizards love to come out in the morning and bask in the warm sun, but don’t get too close or they will disappear into a hole in the ground! They often fight, and then will spread their “wings” between their front and hind legs to show their opponents they are angry.
  2. Monkeys – There are a couple of species to look out for – the Macaques are aplenty, but they can be aggressive around people so don’t get too near! The Silver leaf monkeys are very cute with their grey coats and long tails and golden babies, they will often badger you for food – not a good idea to feed them though as this can disturb their natural instincts to hunt.
  3. Hornbills – These impressive looking birds can be spotted in many places in Langkawi, there are said to be around 8 species of Hornbill in Malaysia alone. They like to nest in holes high up in the trees, and if you want to spot one then look out for a fig tree as Hornbills love figs!
  4. Eagles – There are 41 species of Eagle to spot in Malaysia alone, and hawk eagles are a sight to behold with their powerful hooked beaks that they use for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, powerful talons and their remarkably keen eyesight.
  5. Snakes – There are many venomous and non-venomous snakes to look out for in Langkawi, so whether you are snake lover or hater, it will be hard to spot them as they tend to disappear once they hear you coming!

Picture Credit to Peter Gronemann from Switzerland


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