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27th September 2023

Thailand Charter Division Undertakes Hike for Charity

At Simpson Yacht Charter we are no strangers to crafting unforgettable journeys. But this time we’re embarking on a different kind of adventure, one that will take us from the seas to the shores as we hike across the entire length of Phuket.

From 1 to 3 October, the Simpson Yacht Charter team is setting out on an epic journey, and it’s all for a noble cause. Our mission is to support two remarkable organisations, Seeds of Change and Living Waters, in their tireless efforts to make a positive impact on our environment and communities.

Phuket, with its lush landscapes and stunning vistas, is more than just a tropical paradise – it’s a place where nature’s beauty and human endeavor collide. This hike across Phuket will take us through rainforests, along coastal trails, and into charming villages, allowing us to truly connect with the island’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.

At Simpson Yacht Charter, we’ve always believed in the power of giving back. Our love for the sea and our commitment to the environment extend beyond our luxury yacht experiences. We see this hike as an opportunity to not only challenge ourselves but also to raise awareness and funds for causes that are close to our hearts. It’s a chance for us to show that every step we take can make a difference.

As we lace up our hiking boots and prepare to embark on this epic adventure, we invite you to join us in person or spirit. Follow our journey on social media, share our updates, and help us spread the word about Seeds of Change and Living Waters. Every like, share, and donation counts.

Find out more about the charity hike at [email protected].

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