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9th October 2023

Hiking for a Cause: Simpson Yacht Charter Thailand Hikes Phuket from Top to Bottom

Our Simpson Yacht Charter team set out on an epic hike across Phuket to support two remarkable organisations, Seeds of Change and Living Waters, in their tireless efforts to positively impact our environment and communities.



Participants from all corners of the island converged at Phuket’s Sarasin Bridge at the crack of dawn on October 1st to start a grueling 34-kilometer trek over the course of three days, traversing a medley of terrains, from roads to beaches and dense jungles. The mercury soared to 36 degrees Celsius in the afternoons, making the hike even more challenging for the team. Hikers had the freedom to join the entire hike or, as many did, tackle sections of it for their safety and comfort.

The Simpson Yacht Charter team had meticulously arranged numerous food and drink pit stops along the way, and one of the first oasis was Sala, situated 6 kilometers from the starting point at Mai Khao Beach, on Phuket’s Northwest coast. From Mai Khao, the journey led through the unforgiving beach section, where even the most seasoned hikers were pushed to their limits. Eventually, firmer ground emerged as they passed Phuket International Airport enroute to the southern tip of Nai Yang Beach.



Here, the Klong River awaited, draining into the sea, an unforeseen crossing that the team was not prepared for but had to cross to access the next water stop. This stop marked the last before venturing into the jungle and up the hills. Many found this leg of the hike particularly challenging, as the relentless heat began to exact its toll. Thankfully, strategically positioned ambulances were on standby to provide relief for those suffering from heat exhaustion.

After emerging from the first jungle segment, the team arrived at Haithon Beach and the next water stop, Beach & Bubbles. After a brief respite, they plunged back into the jungle and emerged on the other side at the Anantara Resort, north of Bang Tao Beach at Layan. Still, an arduous eight kilometers lay ahead before the finish line on day one.



This last stretch proved exceedingly tough, primarily due to the sweltering heat. Most of the hikers who participated managed to complete the first day, though many bore the marks of their grueling journey. To cap off the day’s achievements, the local beach bar at Bang Tao Beach hosted a complimentary BBQ for the hikers after a long day.

Day two commenced from the Diamond Resort in Bang Tao, where several participants had lodged the prior night. Although numbers had once again thinned, approximately 25 resilient individuals showed up for another day of adventure. After breakfast, the group set off together on what was billed as a particularly demanding leg, suitable only for advanced hikers. Almost immediately, the trail began to ascend, nearly vertical at times. Hikers naturally split into two groups: the swift and the steady. The first group marked the path for the latter, ensuring no one got lost. The day’s hike spanned around 18.5 kilometers, which, after day one, seemed almost manageable but still posed a daunting challenge. The lush scenery was breathtaking, but the terrain was unforgiving. On day two, there were no pre-arranged water stops on this leg meant everyone had to carry their own supplies, adding to the strain.



The evening’s accommodation was Rustic and Blue – Getaway, Patong, a charming boutique hotel complete with a pool – a welcome respite for weary bodies.

On the third day, all participants gathered in the hotel restaurant at 5:30 AM to collect their breakfast packs and to go through the day’s route. With no pre-arranged drink stops again, all participants had to carry their own water, intensifying the challenge. The path proved strenuous, as with the first two days. After a long day of battling the heat and exhaustion, the participants managed to reach the finish line and regroup at PromThep Cape.



Exhausted, battered, but undefeated, they captured their “Finishers’ photos,” indulged in a meal, enjoyed congratulatory beers, and returned home to celebrate their hard-earned success. A grand total of THB 218,000 was raised for charity, marking a resounding job well done for all involved.

If you would like to enquire about the CSR efforts of Simpson Yacht Charter, please contact us at [email protected].

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