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10th July 2014

Diving on a sailing holiday in Thailand


About the Similan Islands…

The Similan Islands are a fantastic place to visit if you are on a sailing holiday in Thailand and are a keen diver. They have been listed as one of the top 10 diving sites in the world, rated by the National Geographic Society. This National Park is an archipelago of nine islands, rich with green vegetation and surrounded by white sandy beaches. You will find amongst the dozens of dive sites; reefs, rocky drops and the incredible marine life, with leopard sharks, white tip and black tip reef sharks, batfish, moray eels, barracudas, snappers, triggerfish and unicornfish.

Where to dive…

  • East Side Diving comprises of lots of impressive coral reefs sloping down to the seabed. Probably the most famous east side dive site is East of Eden, a paradise for divers, huge boulders, gently sloping coral reefs interspersed with sandy patches and amazing marine life.
  • West side Diving is best known for its huge underwater granite boulders and swim-throughs. Elephant Head Rock is arguably the most famous site, it is named after the rock that sits out of the water which looks as it is named! This is a not to be missed dive site as it consists of mazes of swim-throughs, tunnels and caverns surrounding the stunning seabed topography. The ongoing currents can lead to some exhilarating diving.

When to go…

November to May is the time to go for diving, with the prime conditions being February to April, when the seas are calm and visibility is at it’s best.

Of the 25 or so diving sites in the Similans there are so many to mention, but to name a few Boulder City, Chinese Wall, Deep Six,Coral Reef, if you are keen diver on a sailing holiday in Thailand, the Similan Islands are really not to be missed.


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