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2nd July 2014

What weather can I expect on a sailing holiday in Thailand?

sutera-harbour-kkIt is probably an important thing to know, when you are taking a sailing holiday in Thailand, what sort of weather you can expect at different times of the year.

Phuket has a tropical monsoonal climate so you will find it is warm all year round and is blessed by being in a temperate climate, there are still however two main seasons;

Southwest Monsoon (Approx May to October)

  • This is known as the “wet” season, as the winds are prevailing from the Southwest, meaning they are blowing across the Indian Ocean bringing moisture.
  • Phuket does rarely get really bad weather and most “wet” season days are sunny, with many being as hot and calm as the best high season days. The wettest month is September with an average of 400mm of rain. The average temperature over these months is around 28C (82F)

Northeast Monsoon (approx November to April)

  • In this season, the wind now blows from the Northeast, bringing cooler air and much less rain. It will still be hot though! March is the hottest month in Phuket with an average temperature of 29C (83F) and daily sunshine hours can average 9 in April.
  • The water tends to be calmer at this time of year too, so perfect for the beach lover but sometimes too calm for the keen sailors!
  • The weather tends to most stable during the Northeast monsoon season, but the nights can be cooler (which is still very pleasant). You often have beautifully clear skies in the morning, so brilliant for some of those stunning views on your sailing holiday!

Whatever time of year you choose to take your sailing holiday in Thailand, be assured that you will have a fabulous experience in a warm tropical climate, and though you may experience heavier rains in September/October it’s very uncommon for Phuket to have several consecutive days of heavy rain.


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