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27th February 2015

Why you must visit Phi Phi on a yacht charter in Thailand

boatsonbeachOn a bareboat yacht charter in Phuket, then a must visit place would have to be the Phi Phi Islands, as they are surely one of the many stunning sights unique to Thailand. The islands came to be so well known worldwide, when Ko Phi Phi Lee was used as the location for the film version of the popular book “The Beach”. The islands certainly do not disappoint, and approaching by water on your yacht charter, is one of the most breathtaking ways to first view these islands. The sheer limestone cliffs rise from the surrounding turquoise sea, with white beach-fronted jungle sloping down to the sea.

There is also a great feeling and attitude to the Phi Phi Islands, as it is such a laid-back, chilled out place to visit.



The Phi Phi Islands are found around 40 km southwest of Phuket island and the Strait of Malacca coast on the mainland, they are part of Krabi province.

Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island of the group of 6, and is the most populated island, with a size of only 8km long and 3.5 km wide. The second largest is Ko Phi Phi Lee and is only 2km long. The other islands in this group which include Bida Nok, Bida Noi and Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island) do not have much more to them than the huge limestone rocks that jut out from the crystal sea surrounding them.

It has been discovered that the islands could have been home to one of the oldest communities in Thailand, and archaeological findings date this back to the prehistoric period.



There are simply some stunning beaches you can visit in the Phi Phi Islands from your yacht charter here too including;

Ko Mai Phia (Bamboo Island) – this beautiful small island, has sandy beach stretching almost the whole way around the island, with dense jungle behind. A perfect spot for getting away from it all!

Laem Tong Beach – this stunning beach is another great getaway from some relaxation, the only access is by boat, so perfect on a yacht charter, but don’t get too close to the shore as the seafloor is very shallow right out to the coral. Wonderful place for some snorkelling.

Maya Bay is perhaps the most well known of the Phi Phi Island beaches, it is a beautiful sheltered bay, with several small stunning beaches with powder fine white sand and crystal clear water. It’s popularity has grown since the filming of “The Beach” so expect it to very busy with lots of boats ferrying visitors in and out. A good time to visit is early in the morning or after 5pm in the evening and you may avoid a lot of the crows.


Things to do

One of the activities you should do if you are on a yacht charter and visiting the Phi Phi Islands would be to visit the viewpoint at the top of Phi Phi Don. It is well signposted from Loh Dalum Bay and is a brisk 20 minute walk up around 185m to the top. There is a paved path most of the way, and lots of places to stop and drink some water and admire the views en route. At the top itself you can buy cold drinks and ice-creams, plus other refreshments. There are also some conveniently placed hammocks and flat rocks for you to relax in whilst you admire the magnificent view of the other Phi Phi Islands.

Of course if diving is what you are into, then the islands are the perfect spot as they have a large number of PADI dive centres offering courses, and there are many world-class dive sites in the surrounding waters of Phi Phi, such as Shark Point and Anemone Reef.

If you are feeling really adventurous then why not try some rock climbing at Tonsai Tower? This limestone tower is around 200m tall and has 48 different bolted routes for all levels of climbers from beginner to the experienced climber.


So it is easy to see why the Phi Phi Islands are a must visit place on a bareboat yacht charter in Thailand.

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