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3rd July 2023

Luxury at Sea: Unveiling the Amenities of a Superyacht Charter

When looking at chartering luxury yachts, features and amenities play a big part in which vessel you will eventually choose. It is these features and amenities that make a vessel stand out and contribute to the luxurious feeling of your charter overall. Whether it’s an onboard spa, a diverse collection of water toys or the kind of culinary team that will see you dining on the finest cuisine for the duration of your journey, luxury yachts really do have almost everything your heart desires. 

The features of a luxury yacht


Of course, no two superyachts will ever have exactly the same features or facilities, which is what makes the prospect of choosing a yacht to charter so exciting. There are a few key elements that make a superyacht what it is that can include:

Onboard hot tubs and swimming pools


superyacht swimming pool

Long and luscious days can be spent aboard a superyacht that has a swimming pool or hot tub onboard. For those who truly love the water, sometimes being surrounded by it on all sides just isn’t enough. Superyachts can feature anything from a plunge pool or smaller 4-person hot tub to a lap pool for guests’ use. If somewhere to take a dip is important to you, then you should look for a charter that offers this wonderful feature. 

Beautifully equipped staterooms


Whether it’s a giant flat-screen TV, incredible thread-count linens or majestic ensuite bathrooms, there is a superyacht out there that is just right for you. The staterooms on a superyacht are a testament to luxury and creative design. With each passing year, guest rooms are becoming more and more sophisticated, with new technology being incorporated into their design and new levels being reached with inspired ideas from luxury yacht builders around the world. 

Saunas and steam rooms


A luxury yacht’s best features and amenities often include either a sauna or a steam room, sometimes both. For those that are focused on engaging in a relaxing and purifying time on the water, a sauna or steam room could be a vital factor in which type of yacht to charter. These can be small installations on a larger yacht which can be retrofitted to increase the level of quality features that a vessel has to offer.  

Onboard spa facilities


Whether it’s a relaxing daily massage you’re seeking or a full range of spa services to include facials, nail technicians and other pampering services, the presence of a spa room or spa facilities on board a luxury superyacht is not uncommon. These kinds of facilities often come with a complete team that is highly trained in the art of providing incredible wellness experiences to guests.

Entertainment areas


Whether it’s a games room with a pool table, a quality card table for those dedicated poker players or a complete onboard cinema, there can be any number of entertainment areas incorporated into the facilities list of a luxury superyacht. Onboard entertainment is especially important for those rainy days so guests can continue to enjoy the elegant spaces provided on board the yacht you choose to charter. 

The facilities you can expect onboard a luxury yacht


Though many yachts available for charter offer some brilliant built-in features, there can be even more enticement to choose a particular vessel based on the facilities. From the world of entertainment available to heighten your enjoyment of a luxury yacht charter to the conveniences offered by certain facilities, what each vessel includes should be a big part of your decision on which luxury yacht charter will be best for you.  

Scuba diving equipment


One of the most amazing parts of exploring the wide blue yonder aboard your very own luxury yacht is having the opportunity to explore the marine world below. Many luxury yachts come with a full complement of scuba gear for qualified divers to enjoy. For those who are new to the sport, diving instructors can also be arranged for guests to become certified during their charter. 

Motorised water vessels


From a fleet of tenders to whisk you away to your favourite destinations on land when your yacht is at anchor to high-energy jet skis and even water-powered jet packs, there is no shortage of incredible motorised facilities that can come with a superyacht charter. With most charters, there is an additional charge for using motorised water vessels, but some charters may incorporate the use of these in a package price too. 

Non-motorised water sports


You may find that your luxury yacht comes with a range of equipment that can be used during your charter. This gear often includes things like snorkelling equipment and kayaks, but some superyachts have taken the non-motorised entertainment options to the extreme and include things like waterslides and inflatable water toys into the mix as well.   

Additional features and amenities that can sometimes be found on a luxury yacht


Though this is a standard list of a luxury yacht’s features and amenities, one can still be surprised by the inclusion of something completely new or different. The concept of a luxury vessel is to include a range of features and amenities that make every time you set sail feel like the most elegant experience possible. Whether that is a helipad complete with the use of a helicopter to enhance your superyacht experience or a rooftop golf tee, each vessel will be able to offer charter guests a new and unique experience that they can enjoy with the wind in their hair as they set sail. 

If the above sounds like an experience you’d enjoy, please contact our dedicated Superyacht Charter team for more information.

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