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9th June 2021

Enjoy a private jet or superyacht charter for the ultimate luxury experience

There is no question that a superyacht charter represents true luxury, allowing an incomparable escape in an ultra luxurious setting with world class service. When booking a superyacht charter guests can take their pick from a host of incredible yachts and unforgettable destinations around the world. But a superyacht charter can be made even more luxurious by making sure that you arrive and depart in style and a private jet is the perfect way to do this.

Simpson Marine is now partnering with Asian Sky Group, which offers a range of private jets, in order to deliver the ultimate holiday experience. A private jet is the perfect complement to any yachting excursion; leaving more time to bask in the clear waters surrounding Indonesia, cruise the shores of the Mediterranean or discover the breathtaking fjords of Scandinavia. Combining jet travel with a superyacht charter makes every element of your trip seamless and memorable.

Here are some of our top destination recommendations for a superyacht/ jet charter experience, with custom jet recommendations. Each has their own allure, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and plan your own bespoke charter experience.




Athens, Greece

Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

A city rich with history, with the famous Acropolis watching over, Athens is the perfect starting point for an island-hopping adventure. With almost 6000 islands and islets around Greece, a boat is the ultimate way to explore all that this historic country has to offer. Expect culture, fresh food, crystal blue waters and an abundance of natural beauty.



Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

With mind-blowing scenery, still fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and more, Scandinavia is an explorer’s dream. The Norwegian fjords are a must do, and why not cruise north and catch a glimpse of the incomparable Northern Lights? With plenty of destinations to pick from, including Sweden, Iceland and Finland, Scandinavia’s natural beauty will blow you away.


Villefranche France

South of France – Monaco & Nice

Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

The South of France, including Monaco and Nice, is an iconic superyacht destination and the perfect place to see and be seen. Come ashore and enjoy the vibrant scene, with culture, nightlife and excellent food, or enjoy cruising the stunning coastline of the French Riviera. Soak in the vibe of warm French towns and villages and fall in love with all the South of France has to offer.




Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Jet match: Gulfstream G200, Bombardier Challenger 605, ACJ318 Elite

You will be spoilt for choice when deciding what part of the Raja Ampat and its thousands of islands to enjoy. Explore uninhabited islands by boat, or travel to undisturbed anchorages and make the most of the thriving underwater scene. The sea life is impressively diverse in this stunning archipelago so this area is a must for keen divers. Enjoy the sight of blue waters flanked by islands dripping with tropical rainforest.



Phuket, Thailand

Jet match: Gulfstream G200, Bombardier Challenger 605, ACJ318 Elite

Phuket offers some of the world’s best cruising grounds. The jewel in the Andaman crown, Phuket has it all from the cosmopolitan city to authentic fishing villages. Visit some of the many national marine parks to see wildlife in their natural environment or slip beneath the waves to enjoy some incredible diving. Take your pick from deserted beaches and anchorages to make the most of seeing Thailand by sea.





Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

The journey to Australia is well worth it, as you will be welcomed with open arms by the friendly culture and be wowed by Australia’s unique scenery. As a waterloving country, Australia has plenty to offer, including white sand beaches and world-renowned surf spots. The famous Great Barrier Reef offers diverse reef diving, or for an urban vibe make sure you explore the buzzing city of Sydney – if you time it right the Sydney New Year fireworks are truly special.


New Caledonia

Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

Tropical New Caledonia is a quintessential island escape and a great introduction to the beauty of the South Pacific. The island group of New Caledonia is visually stunning with postcard-worthy desert islands, unbelievably clear water and a welcoming culture on land. Sheltered waters make it ideal for turning your hand to water sports, and the diving is also amazing. A must do is a visit to the world’s largest lagoon, which has been classed as a World Heritage site.




Jet match: Gulfstream G650 or ACJ318 Elite

Follow in the footsteps of evolutionist Charles Darwin and travel to the Galapagos Islands where you will encounter a huge range of flora and fauna, and get in touch with the natural world in a very special way. Admire the volcanic landscape, get up close with the wildlife and enjoy the many islands in the archipelago. Only a small number of superyachts travel to the Galapagos, meaning quiet anchorages, unspoilt scenery and an experience that few can match.

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