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25th November 2014

Beginners guide to Snorkelling: Sailing holidays in Thailand

diving-phuket-7If you are off on your sailing holidays in Thailand, and are planning on doing some snorkelling in one of the many superb diving spots, then make sure you read our beginners guide to snorkelling;

  1. Get good kit! Make sure your mask fits properly and can be adjusted to your face – a leaky or fogging mask can really spoil your enjoyment. Dry snorkels are a good idea too – they have a special valve at the top of the snorkel that seals shut when underwater. Check your fins too, make sure they have no broken straps and are a snug fit – these are essential for snorkelling – save you lots of energy and boost your swimming force no end!
  2. Always dive in a party – the safest minimum number should be 3 people – a diving buddy in the water and and somebody on shore lookout. When diving with your buddy go for one up (one on the surface watching) and one down diving.
  3. Get some training first – this will teach you valuable skills and technique to enjoy the sea safely, such as swimming slowly – only swim at a speed that allows you to breathe slowly and easily through your snorkel, you should only need to swim at speed to avoid hazards. Learning how to float slowly and using your fins easily is a skill that requires practice.
  4. Choose your dive site carefully – make sure it is safe without heavy boat traffic around or currents and rip tides. It is always good for first time snorkelers to go when the waters are calm – this increases visibility and makes it much easier to use the equipment.
  5. Be aware of the weather by checking the forecast before you head off and watch for changes in the sea state.
  6. Be fit and healthy – it’s not only safer you will also enjoy the snorkelling more as you will be able to hold your breath for longer and swim further – don’t snorkel if you are unwell or have a cold.

You really can do some fabulous diving on sailing holidays in Thailand, so well worth practising your snorkelling skills!




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