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17th November 2014

Beginners Guide to Yacht Racing


If you are on a yacht charter in Phuket and fancy getting involved in some racing during the Kings Cup Regatta, there are often spare places for crew members on board one of the many yachts participating. So if you need to refresh your yacht racing skills, then read our top tips!


Everything on the yacht, such as blocks, winches, halyards, cleats should be working smoothly so should all be checked prior to the racing. It is also worth removing any additional weight that you may be carrying that you could do without – such as water, equipment and fuel.

The Race itself!

When your skipper has allocated your task then stick to your job! Be it on the helm, navigating, trimming the sales or even timekeeper.

Get to the starting line with plenty of time to spare!

Understand the starting sequence to each race whether it will be flags or sound signals. Sometimes you can do a test run across the line which is good opportunity to check wind direction and strength.

Don’t let the other boats around you distract you – try to stay as near to the lie as you can!

Pay attention to the tell-tales fitted to your sails and keep your sails trimmed.

When beating the boat should be as flat as possible, and when reaching you need to sail the rhumb line, try and keep clear of other boats as you want only clean air in your sails!

Use your binoculars, keeping your eye on the final finish mark!

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