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29th August 2014

Why you should try fishing in Thailand

Giant CatfishFishing in Thailand has always been an important part of their culture, primarily for food, but over the last few years Thailand has become a bit of a Mecca for many visiting fisherman as well as being one of the most popular sporting activities among the Thai people. If you are on a sailing holiday in Thailand, then why not take advantage of this fisherman’s paradise and give it a go.

Due to the all year round warm climate in Thailand, it is home to some of the largest freshwater fish in the world whose growth rates in the warm seas produce extraordinarily large fish.

Native species to Thailand include;

  • Mekong Catfish – possibly the largest freshwater fish in the world, reportedly growing up to 600 lbs.
  • Giant Snakehead – These are capable of growing up to a metre in length, they are voracious predators and one of the most aggressive of the different species.
  • Chao Praya Catfish – this species is a member of the shark catfish family and can often be seen cruising the surface of the water with their dorsal fins protruding through the water.
  • Siamese Giant Carp – These have a very large head to body ratio, and their incredible size and strength make them a popular target for anglers as they are not easy to catch!

Non indigenous species such as Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Redtail Catfish and Barramundi can also be found thriving in Thailand.

There are numerous fishing parks to be found all over Thailand, in response to the boom in fishing tourism and these guarantee fishing sport due to their high stocking levels, feeding regimes and oxygenating systems. So why not have a go?



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