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26th March 2021

Phuket Allows for Yacht Quarantines with “Digital Yacht Quarantine” Program

Thailand has recently announced the launch of “Digital Yacht Quarantine” that aims to attract yacht travellers to Phuket with the option of spending the 14-day entry quarantine on their yacht. Under this new scheme yacht travellers will be tested by Thai authorities before being given a digital health tracker that will allow officials to monitor their pulse, blood pressure and body temperature in real time. Visitors are required to wear the health tracker at all times and remain on their boat within 10 kilometres of the shore, but are otherwise free to spend their quarantine as they desire.

This programme is currently taking place in Phuket and it has been reported that around 100 yachts will be part of this programme. What better way to spend your quarantine than on board a luxury yacht that does not feel like a quarantine facility at all?

The rich culture, marine sights, and beauty of Phuket has made the island one of the most popular charter destinations in Asia. Are you interested in spending quarantine in paradise? Enquire with us at

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