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19th August 2015

5 More reasons to do a Langkawi yacht charter

Langkawi yacht charter

Last time we looked at 5 great reasons why you should do a Langkawi yacht charter, here we look at 5 More reasons why doing a Langkawi yacht charter is a fabulous experience not to be missed!

Not only is Langkawi an extraordinary place to sail around to enjoy the picture perfect beaches and the glittering azure sea, there is also plenty to do on land too, so it is worth leaving your Langkawi yacht charter for a day or two to enjoy some of the spectacular sights that Langkawi can offer you.

Venture inland to the magical rain forest

Langkawi’s rainforest is said to be 1 million years old making it one of the oldest jungles in the world! It is well worth exploring the forest either on foot or why not hire a bike. Within the forest you are likely to discover many native exotic species such as unique lime plants and and rare varieties of butterflies and birds, you may even come across giant flying squirrels! A very well known spot that you might want to visit is the Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaga Tujuh) which is a stunning location with cool clear waters cascading down from seven waterfalls, you can swim in the interconnected natural pools or enjoy the view from one of the many wide rocks that are easily reached. Legend has is that Telaga Tujuh is home to the mountain fairies and it truly is a magical spot, well worth venturing inland from your Langkawi yacht charter.

Enjoy the lovely Malaysian cuisine

The Malaysian cuisine is very varied and offers flavoursome cuisines from across the East, from Malay-Indonesian to Chinese and Thai. On a Langkawi yacht charter you will get to experience the colourful night markets of Langkawi offering excellent reasonably priced local food. There are also many restaurants to enjoy serving the finest seafood Langkawi has to offer, from deep-fried squid and char grilled tiger prawns to butter lobster.

Bird-watching at Gunung Raya

If bird-watching is your thing, then a Langkawi yacht charter can offer the best opportunities if you take take the 13 km trek to Langkawi’s highest mist-covered peak; Gunung Raya. The peak is 2,890 feet high and offers superb views across to the islands of Southern Thailand, Mat Cincang mountain and Kuah harbour. Amongst the forest birds to spot you can see great hornbills and over 190 species of birds particularly between October and April when many of the winter migrants visit Langkawi.

Go underwater at Pulau Payar Marine Park

On a Langkawi yacht charter you can experience one of the most beautiful marine parks in the region; Pulau Payar which is perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving to discover the plethora of marine life in the warm waters. The well protected coral reefs are home to numerous marine species. Pulau Payar offers a variety of diving conditions from flat terrain to more challenging slopes, if however you prefer not to dive you can just experience the amazing marine life in an underwater observation chamber. Pulau Payar is about 30 km southeast of Langkawi, easily reached by boat.

Take the Cable Car to Mat Cincang Peak

In order to fully appreciate the stunning mountain range of mat Cincang which is also one of the oldest rock formations in Southeast Asia, you could take the exhilarating cable car ride up to the summit at 2,323 feet. The cable car takes you over 2 km over the forest canopy and the view of the sandstone outcrops, waterfalls and mountain flora is a stunning ride and also gives you a marvellous 360 degree view of the beautiful island of Langkawi with it’s peaks and coastline.
So as you can see there are many great reasons to do a Langkawi yacht charter both at sea and on land!

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