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24th June 2019

S/Y PRIMETIME practices sustainability on board and supports WWF Philippines

It is very important for PRIMETIME and her crew to do their part in protecting the beautiful world and waters that the yacht cruises on and to be able to share the wonderful nature above and under water with our future generations. Sustainability is important.

For this reason, PRIMETIME always endeavours to lower its impact and to encourage guests to be respectful to nature. There are many ways that the yacht is aiming to make a positive difference. For example, when the crew see rubbish during dives or explorations they collect it and take it on board before disposing it of it responsibly on the mainland.

Guests are also encouraged to be eco-friendly and are given reusable beverage bottles and metal drinking straws to prevent the use of single-use plastics. PRIMETIME uses a state-of-the-art drinking water treatment on board, with is used to convert seawater into purified drinking water. Each day the crew makes, freshly, a variety of homemade ice teas and soda drinks (though of course, we also have commercial canned and bottled sodas and beer to meet our customers needs.)

To reduce plastic waste when shopping for our kitchen, whenever possible, we buy ingredients that are unpackaged, using our boxes and multi-use bags. For meat, fish, and other perishables which require vacuum packaging, we make sure that the plastic is disposed of properly or is reused. In all the bathrooms there are biodegradable shower products, shampoos and conditioners ready for guests.

With the water toys we rely on paddles or electric outboards to generate the smallest possible footprint and whenever possible, we set our sails and benefit from wind energy. We are very proud to be doing our bit and protecting our oceans for future generations.

At the same time, S/Y PRIMETIME is proud to be partnering with WWF Philippines in 2020 and thanks to this partnership will be able to offer specially permitted trips to both Tubbataha and Cagayancillo.

The support for WWF Philippines will include a donation for each guest joining the trips in addition to the yacht supporting the WWF’s Research Vessel NAVORCA in carrying out its work. In return, charter guests will receive exclusive insights about the WWF projects and marine conversation. The option of physical support is for interested divers only, and is subject to approval of the respective WWF Project leads. and the availability of NAVORCA.

The WWF has several projects running with the locals in Gagayancillo, which PRIMETIME will have the privilege to visit with her charter guests. The WWF is also planning on establishing a Shark and Ray sanctuary in Gagayancillo in one of the marine reserve areas, which is sure to prove a stunning attraction.

Examples of work to assist the WWF include:

  • Identification and counting of pelagics such as Whale Sharks, Mantas and other Rays with 3D Cameras.
  • Changing batteries in tagging receivers installed at the reefs
  • Shark Tagging (for very experienced divers only)

By following this link, you can watch some videos about Gagayancillo and Tubbataha.

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