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2nd November 2015

Yachting with Children in Thailand

Yacht charter companies are frequently asked if it is a good idea for small children to be part of the crew. When they’re babies it is all about having the right equipment on board, as they get older it is all about safety and then when they get older still, there is often concern that if there is a lot of sailing they may get bored.  It is fair to say there is always a practical reason why it could be best to leave the children behind, however there are more reasons to bring them with you, as long as some planning is put in place. There are a couple of areas to think through before you step on your dream charter yacht:

1. Safety


Unless the children are safe you are never going to be able to relax and enjoy your yacht charter holiday. You are going to need to judge how best to brief your children depending on their age. If they are older perhaps it is just a matter of showing them where all the safety equipment is and how to use it. For the younger ones maybe it is worthwhile having a
board with the key safety rules written in big letter – it may even be a good idea to reiterate them first thing every morning. Most children enjoy finding out about new equipment and will enjoy the responsibility that comes with this new environment. Of course, the younger they can learn to swim the better.

What is an activities on Christmas in Phuket?

Christmas in Phuket

The key safety rules are:

  • Once outside the cockpit, always wear a life jacket
  • Always tell an adult if you are going for a swim/leaving the boat
  • Always tell an adult if you are going to the bow of the boat
  • The skipper’s word is final
  • No running or playing rough on the boat
  • For younger children never swim alone
  • For younger children set up a schedule so one adult is always watching out for the children
  • For toddlers set up a space with netting so children can be safe if all hands are required on deck

2. Plan a child friendly cruise

m_45R7582_L5601You may like the idea of days out at sea, but your children may not agree. Invariably kids prefer short journeys with frequent stop offs at beaches or places of interest. Catamarans make great boats for families because of the great space below and on deck. Also catamarans are more stable than mono hulls making sea sickness less likely to disrupt your day.

3. Provisions

Make sure before you leave the dock your boat is well stocked. First aid kit, food, water and toys for the children (and adults) are a start. Most boats will have snorkelling gear on board.

4. Enjoying the yacht

phuket crewed catamaran yacht charterFor those children not used to boats it is worthwhile going through the boat explaining where everything is and what not to touch. Involve your children in the navigation and you may find you have skills to learn too.

5. Get the right charter yacht
It’s not like renting a holiday cottage, if you charter a yacht too small or too big it can ruin your holiday. Take advice and charter the right boat for you and your family.

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