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17th April 2023

Why You Should Charter A Catamaran Over A Monohull

Planning your next yachting excursion can be difficult when there is so much choice. If you have found yourself browsing options for your next charter but can’t decide between a monohull or a catamaran, this article might be for you.

Catamarans have been growing in popularity amongst the yachting community in recent years; we have seen tremendous developments in design that almost make chartering a catamaran the only choice. We have decided to share some of the benefits of choosing a catamaran over a monohull, so if you need help deciding, we recommend you read on.


Why you should charter a catamaran


Stability – The stability of having a double hull makes it much less likely to have a bumpy ride and passengers to suffer from seasickness. As well as a steadier voyage, you are far more likely to enjoy a dinner party or a good night’s sleep when you are anchored. This makes a catamaran the perfect option for passengers unfamiliar with life at sea.

A smaller draft – The draft on a catamaran is much shorter than a regular sailboat, meaning you can get much closer to sandy shores or even beach yourself upon them for a day of exploration. As well as this tremendous benefit, it also makes it easy for repairs in shallow waters as it can rest perfectly on the sand while the tide is out.

Reduction in fatigue – One thing you might feel on a regular sailboat is fatigue. Catamarans dramatically lower this risk due to their steadiness and providing more comfortable space. In addition, these vessels can maintain a straight course even with the heaviest of winds. If any passengers often feel anxious or fatigued on sailboats, then a catamaran is definitely the way to go.

Space and comfort – The interior of modern-day catamarans, such as the Lagoon 620, offer a tremendous amount of space and comfort. Space is not an issue when it comes to these luxury models, so there are plenty of comforts, and they can often fit up to eight or more people. Cabins are usually placed at the corners of the boat, leaving a large lounge area, room for indoor and outdoor dining, and a salon area, so there is plenty of room for quiet time or a social gathering.

Stress-free and safer – Though there is no way to eradicate all dangers at sea, a catamaran is undoubtedly the safest option. The dual hull and extra safety features mean that it will stay afloat even with a leak. Having two hulls also means having two engines, so there is always a backup should one fail. The extra stability of a catamaran will also ensure minimal motion, even in a storm.

And most importantly, more opportunity for adventure – As mentioned before, catamarans can get much closer to the shore. In addition, the lack of a keel means it can speed through shallower waters without any worry. They are also designed to break through waves at high speeds too. All of this means that you can explore locations you simply couldn’t do in a regular sailboat and notch up the pace if you’re an adrenalin junky. There is no other way to experience both luxury and this level of exploration.



Additional benefits of choosing a catamaran charter


If that wasn’t enough, we thought we would include a few more benefits of catamarans that monohulls just don’t give us.

  • Catamarans offer better visibility in all directions. This gives a great opportunity for star gazing too. Having everything on one level means that there is nothing to obstruct the glorious view.
  • When sailing on a catamaran, there is no need to stow everything away as you would on a regular sailboat. This really enhances the comfort and relaxation of sailing.
  • A catamaran can turn 360 degrees tremendously quickly within its own length. There aren’t any monohulls that can make such hasty navigational manoeuvres.
  • If you are a diver, there is plenty of space to store equipment, and it is much easier to climb back onboard when finished.
  • Another benefit of having everything on one level is the improvement of ease and accessibility.
  • Catamarans also offer a good amount of privacy compared to monohulls for those all-important times alone.


What are the cons of chartering a monohull?


Don’t get us wrong, we love monohulls, but they do come with some downfalls. At the end of the day, it is all down to preference of vessel and onboard facilities, but sometimes, monohulls aren’t always the best choice if you are bringing along family or friends who might not be as eager of a sea goer as yourself.

  • When a monohull is anchored or under sail, they are prone to being less stable.
  • Due to its shape, it is less likely to have lounging and dining areas as open and spacious as a catamaran.
  • Living spaces are often located below the waterline on monohull vessels. This can be very discomforting for someone who isn’t familiar with sailing or struggles with claustrophobia. An extended period onboard can leave passengers feeling a little disorientated.
  • It may not be accurate for every monohull, but it will likely have worse ventilation onboard than you would find on a catamaran.
  • Monohull vessels aren’t as nimble as a catamaran. This will mean it needs to stay in deeper waters, away from the shore, and it won’t be able to navigate its way through tight spaces quite as well.
  • Due to multiple levels, you might not always have the best view when sailing on a monohull either.



Unique features you are likely to find onboard a chartered catamaran


Luxury bedrooms with beautiful views – Not only are the master suites equipped with lavish ensuites, glorious views, and comfortable beds, but the other cabins should be equally as perfect. Waking up to a sea view at sunrise will start any day off in the best possible way.

Facilities – You are also likely to find brilliant facilities onboard your chartered catamaran. An extremely spacious lounge and dining area (indoors and out), Plunge pools, Jacuzzis, sun decks, sound systems, cinemas, bars, kitchens, and much more will keep you entertained throughout every part of the trip.

Incredible selection of toys – Most catamarans will come loaded with toys to keep everyone entertained throughout the day. They will usually include but are not limited to SUPs, slides, kayaks, pedalos, jet skis, wakeboards, Fishing gear, paddleboards, snorkelling, and even SNUBA equipment (A combination of scuba diving and snorkelling).


Catamaran vs monohull


In conclusion, there are many features onboard a catamaran that you simply wouldn’t find on a monohull. Of course, it is up to you to decide. Some people are mad about monohull vessels, but if you are one of those, we highly recommend bringing your friends or family onboard a chartered catamaran. Once you have experienced how great they are, you might find your opinion swaying towards ours. If you like the idea of luxurious open spaces with panoramic views as you explore places you couldn’t venture on a monohull or cabins above the water line, then maybe a chartered catamaran is the best option for you.


Are you still undecided?


If you are undecided on what to choose for your next charter holiday, then why not get in touch with Simpson Yacht Charter today? We have an extensive fleet for you to choose from and an expert team who can help you decide what charter is right for you. Founded in 1984, Simpson Yacht Charter has the knowledge and experience that you can trust when booking your next catamaran charter. You will be amazed at some of the options we have for you, so get in touch today.


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