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28th July 2022

Why Superyacht Charter Are Perfect for Family Holidays?

Any vacation can be a relaxing getaway, but when you want to travel as a family and have tons of fun along the way, you should charter a superyacht. You may be asking yourself why Superyacht charters make happy families. After all, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of taking your family on a trip.

But vacationing on a superyacht is like finding a home away from home. The size, transportability, and amenities are sure to appeal to everyone on board your chartered superyacht. 

Why Superyacht Charters Make Great Family Escapes

If you’ve ever tried to plan a family vacation, then you know that there’s no way to be able to please everyone with the location and planned activities. But when you charter a superyacht for your family’s next vacation, you’ll become a hero to your kids and spouse. There’s no other way to make sure that you give your family a vacation that is fun and satisfying for everyone with endless possibilities.

If you’re not sure that a superyacht family vacation is right for you, take a look at the reasons why you should charter that yacht today: 

 1. Safety

No matter where you go on vacation, there is never a guarantee that your family will be able to stay completely safe. But when you charter a yacht to travel on as a group with your family, safety is the number one concern of the entire crew. Basic household safety—as well as deck security—is in place, keeping everyone on board as protected as possible.

2. Constant Water Fun

Being out in the open water on board a superyacht opens up the endless possibilities for water fun every moment of your vacation. Family charters often have many water toys and towables for family use. For the adrenaline junkie, the right yacht should have jet boards, sea bobs, e-foils, wake surf, kite surf, jet skis and surfboards ready for use on board. And above all else, there should be an assortment of life jackets for the biggest to the smallest family member.

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3. Relaxing in Style

Being active on the water all day requires some serious unwinding. Imagine playing hard all day while relaxing every night by listening to music, watching a movie, or even playing video games. No one who’s chartered a superyacht will have the opportunity to get bored throughout the entire journey—even while relaxing.

4. Happy to Help Crew

Depending on your family dynamics, you might be concerned that you won’t be able to keep your children’s behaviour in line or make sure that they stay out of trouble. While there isn’t typically a babysitter or backup childcare provider on board unless you hire one, many times a superyacht’s crew is more than happy to lend a hand in a pinch.

Crew members have been known to organize games, teach children about boating, and even give the kids cooking lessons. Your chef can also make sure there’s no protesting over what’s served up for dinner. No matter how tough it is to please a picky eater’s palate, your chef will have you covered.

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5. Cultural Enrichment

A family chartered superyacht gives a parent the opportunity to introduce a child to different cultures and ways of life. Experiencing something new in person can have a positive impact on a growing mind.

Whether you enjoy a superyacht charter in Hong Kong or Phuket, or anywhere else in the world, your young world traveller will have the opportunity to enjoy a more diverse, accepting world.

6. Environmental Awareness

Knowing about the impact man has on nature can remain a vague concept for people, especially if they are young. Chartering a superyacht and spending time on the water gives you a chance to help your child understand cause and effect in the natural world. The beauty of the ebb and flow of water as well as water’s impact on shorelines and nature can be powerful reminders that all of life needs care. 

Whether you find the opportunity to educate on environmental awareness or the power and beauty of nature, the lessons learned on this type of vacation will stay with a child for a lifetime.

Planning a vacation can seem like a lot of work until you find yourself chartering a superyacht for your family to enjoy. The process is simple and you may find your most difficult decision will be what the first destination you visit should be.


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7. Superyacht Fun for Everyone of Every Age

No matter how young or old anyone in a family may be, there truly is something for everyone when they schedule their vacation on a superyacht. Water fun, toys, entertainment, a crew, and a personal chef on the yacht are just the tip of the iceberg. 

A family vacation on a superyacht makes travel memories and serves important lessons about the world that can have a positive impact on your family that lasts a lifetime.

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