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16th May 2022

Why Malaysia Should Be On Your Bucket List

If interested in exploring Southeast Asia, then Malaysia should definitely be at the top of your bucket list. There is no better country in this region when it comes to a blend of natural attractions, cultural diversity, cosmopolitan spaces, and good food. There is something for everyone so no matter your preferences or number in your group or family, there is sure to be something that will bring a smile to your face and make for unforgettable memories. Here are a few good reasons you should plan on travelling to Malaysia for your next vacation. 

The Weather

Malaysia has an all-year-round tropical climate that makes it ideal to travel to no matter the time of year. Whether you want to explore the mountainous region or go down to the beaches, you will find that the tropical humidity is wonderfully conducive for outdoor enjoyment. It is also what has helped maintain its jungle forests and keep its sea waters warm. No matter the kind of outdoor activities you want to indulge in, the weather here will certainly be able to accommodate your needs. 


Malaysia is a great destination whether you are on a tight budget or want an exclusive luxury experience. The tourism industry is well developed and offers a wide range of options when it comes to travel and accommodation. No matter your finances, you are sure to find options that will suit your pocket. 

The Jungle

Over60% of Malaysia’s landscape is covered by forests and some of the oldest tropical jungles in the world, ensuring that it not only enjoys excellent air quality but that it is home to a diverse range of animal species. It is a true outdoorsman’s paradise where activities like trekking are well-accommodated with many destinations having clear trails that allow people an easy ability to explore.

The Islands

Malaysia is home to about 878 islands that are a mix of developed, protected and uninhabited isles. For those that love open water and exploration, nothing could be better than to hire a yacht in Malaysia and go island hopping. Many of the islands are naturally beautiful with pristine beaches and jungle vegetation, while surrounded by clear blue waters full of diverse marine life. 

From major tourist destinations like Langkawi and Penang to the more remote Pulau Gemia and Kapas islands, travellers have many options to discover and explore. You can enjoy a variety of fun activities both in the water and on land, with snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing, trekking, zip-lining, dining at seafood restaurants, and relaxing on the beach being the most common choices on the islands.

Cultural Attractions

Due to its diverse population and colourful history, Malaysia has grown to become one of the most culturally diverse and vibrant countries in the world. Malaysians make up just about half of the population, with Chinese almost making up a quarter, and Indians a close third. It is a global melting pot where people manage to live in harmony and understanding that travellers have come to appreciate. 

There is a wonderful mix of influences to be seen in its architecture, heritage sites, languages spoken, and ethnic population. It is not just major cities like Kuala Lumpur that are culturally rich. Even many of the remote islands that were once military outposts or trading posts can be found to have old temples of different religions alongside other attractions. 

The Wildlife

Thanks to its tropical climate and generous jungle cover, Malaysia has managed to host a thriving population of various animal species on land and in its waters. Many forests have rivers, waterfalls and extensive canopy that make for the ideal environment for various species to thrive. From monkeys to spot tapirs, tigers to pangolins, orangutans to elephants, sea turtles to sperm whales, life is abundant everywhere which makes exploration of Malaysia’s natural spaces all the more exciting, educational, and memorable. 

The Food

Fortunately, like in many other countries in Southeast Asia, there is easy access to cheap food in Malaysia. This is part of the allure for budget travellers and immigrants as it is easy to find fresh and cheap foodstuffs. If you prefer already cooked food, there are many markets full of street food stalls to choose from, besides other affordable sit-down restaurants. Asian cuisine from Malaysia, China and India tend to dominate, however, you can also easily find more continental options. With so much ocean to access, Malaysia is also a great place to enjoy seafood options. Many of the cities and hotel resorts are also home to high-end restaurants for those with a more refined palate. 

The Festivals

Due to its historical background, religious, and cultural diversity, Malaysia also tends to have many festivals on its calendar. Every month there is sure to be something important being celebrated either by people of a certain religion, ethnic background or nationally. No matter when you visit, you are sure to find an ongoing celebratory mood that is possibly accompanied by decorations, parades, celebratory meals and more. These occasions are a great time to mix with the locals as the feeling is typically warm and welcoming. 


Just as you can easily find good and affordable food, so too can you find other commodities with the same characteristics. There are numerous markets and shopping centres where you will find a varied array of goods are truly bargain prices. However, be wary if the deal is too good or it could be counterfeit. Some islands are even duty-free, meaning you can enjoy dining and shopping at a more discounted cost. 

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