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10th September 2015

Shopping in a Phuket

Thai marketIf you are doing a Phuket yacht charter, then you should most definitely take the opportunity to do some shopping in one of Phuket’s local markets. It is a great way of taking a unique look at the daily life of the local Thai people. There are many markets that you can take a look at whilst on a Phuket yacht charter, and they are vibrant, fascinating and fun places to shop whilst you are visiting Phuket. There are many markets held in Phuket, from small local markets to the giant weekend market and many more in between, so here is our rough guide of the local markets to visit on your Phuket yacht charter.

Banzaan Fresh Market

Thailand Phuket Patong Beach Banzaan Market

Phuket, Thailand

This easy to find, clean and bright market is in Patong Beach, and is great to experience to the huge variety of Thai fruits, amazing fish and unusual vegetables as well as all of the colourful sweets on offer! Generally all the food on display is of good quality and the market is also open all day, though it is always best to get there early to ensure the best selection of goods. As is typical in most Thai markets the fresh food is divided into zones of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and then additional cooking
ingredients. In the evenings the surrounding streets become full of food carts selling street food, drinks and sweets.

Lor Rong Market

Thai street foodThis authentic small and fairly basic Thai market is a great place to visit if you want to experience real local specialities on your Phuket yacht charter. It is a very popular place with the locals, and has some very different food on display, catering more to local tastes rather than the tourists. However the stall holders are all very friendly and are happy to offer tastes of the food they are selling. Expect to see local sweet dishes such as Kao Maow Tod – deep fried bananas with a delicious crumb coating and Kanom Krok – which are small sweets made with coconut milk and rice flour.

Talad Tairod – The Phuket Weekend Market

phuket weekend marketThis immense Phuket night market is probably the most well known amongst tourists of the Phuket markets. It is massive! The market sells everything as well as food, and is a crowded vibrant and fun place to shop, you can easily while away several hours looking at all the goods on display from clothing, bags, watches and accessories, though you may recognise some of the names, the prices give away the authenticity of the products! When looking at the food on offer, the great thing about this market is the opportunity to taste lots of the produce on sale, from giant Jack fruits and durain, to all types of thai dishes; fried, boiled, steamed or even fermented!

Phuket Indy Market

indy mayketIf you are looking for something smaller and more creative whilst on your Phuket yacht charter, then this small creative little market should tick that box! It is where many of the local teens display their creations, from fashion to art. It is a lively little place and a great little stop, though it is only a couple of days a week in the evenings.
So whilst you are on your Phuket yacht charter, it is easy to find a Thai market to shop as they can be found all over the island. Almost every community and village will have a type of market, be it small and occasional or large and permanent, many are daily and are great fun to visit to discover the more unusual food on offer. Most local markets will be located on the streets and with structures made of wood and plastic, only very few markets are like the Banzaan Market, which is in a big clean concrete building. Nonetheless the meat and food is generally very fresh and whilst it may not look as appetising as the food you may buy carefully cleaned and packages from the supermarkets, it will be every bit as good, if not even fresher! So give the markets a go on your Phuket yacht charter.

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