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13th May 2022

What is a Superyacht Charter Etiquette?

What is a Superyacht Charter Etiquette? Stepping onto a Superyacht for the first time can be intimidating. ‘Do I wear my shoes or do I not?’ such questions can make you think about the etiquettes to display onboard. With decades of yacht charter experience in Asia and other regions, Simpson Yacht Charter can provide valuable advice and information on superyacht charter etiquette.

Superyacht ‘Dos’ 

Respecting the captain and crew: Please treat the captain and crew with respect and patience as they are extremely occupied throughout your charter; each crew member is there to provide an experience that will exceed your expectations. Alongside fulfilling your desires, the captain and crew are responsible for your safety on a superyacht. It is critical to always attend the safety briefings right at the beginning of your superyacht charter. During the briefing, they will inform the guests about the safety rules and all safety equipment onboard including available life jackets, safety rafts etc.

Keeping your charter broker informed: Bringing one of your furry friends along can be delightful, nevertheless please ensure you have enquired your charter broker allowing them to find a pet-friendly superyacht just for you. 

Food and beverages are a key element to a successful charter, notifying and discussing dietary requirements with your broker will minimise risks or mistakes and maximise your enjoyment. Making sure you keep your broker well informed about special requests will enhance your charter experience. 

And if you are looking for a particularly child-friendly superyacht charter with a trained crew and available amenities that will make little ones happy, please discuss this with your charter broker as well.

Being barefoot: The majority of superyacht charters have a barefoot rule, if not a soft-soled ‘boat shoes’ rule. Shoes such as high heels can cause damage and leave scuff marks on the teak, marble or other wooden floors. The crew will collect your shoes in a basket and store them in either the cabin or a safe place on board. 

Toys and tenders: If you have any questions about how tenders or water toys such as Wakeboards work, to prevent any accidents, feel open to asking the crew to instruct you on the proper way to use them. Superyachts have trained instructors on board who will be happy to teach you and make sure you enjoy safely fun and adrenaline at sea.

Marine life: Simpson Yacht Charter is a firm supporter of keeping the oceans clean and respectful of wildlife. When you are out at sea, we recommend you to be considerate and preserve marine life by keeping a safe distance from coral and fishes and not collecting any living beings as a souvenir. Together, we preserve oceans and their marvels for the generations to come.

Superyacht ‘Don’ts’

Problem-solving: Taking matters into your own hands and attempting to solve them yourself is not advised. We encourage you to inform the captain and they will deal with the matter at hand promptly, professionally managing their crew and keeping you worry-free to enjoy your time onboard your superyacht.

Illegal activity: There is zero tolerance for illegal activity onboard. This can jeopardise the captain and crew’s operating license as well as resulting the yacht itself being seized. The authorities will be informed if such activities are present by the captain who is responsible for your and the yacht’s safety. 

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited indoors on the majority of yachts. Please enquire about your yacht broker and inform the specific rules you have been provided with everyone before boarding. 

Finally, the best way to enjoy your superyacht charter is to enjoy every moment! Chartering a superyacht is a wonderful experience. The liberty you feel at sea is limitless. Simpson Yacht Charter empowers a world of Freedom. On the water we are free. Free to Escape. Free to Enjoy. Free to Dream.

If you are interested in booking a superyacht charter experience for your next holidays please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide the right selection of suitable superyachts and professional advice to make it your best holiday ever.

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