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28th July 2022

What Are the Top Destinations for Superyacht Charter?

Spending time on the water visiting a popular superyacht charter destination is something most people can only dream about. Being able to charter a superyacht is immensely rewarding. When chartering your superyacht, you can plan a journey to some of the top destinations in the world, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and many more.

Choose an Exciting Superyacht Charter Destination

To get the most out of your superyacht charter experience, you should decide what your ideal destination is. It may be difficult to choose just one popular destination, so make sure you check out destination details. 

1. Hong Kong

One of the world’s most exciting destinations for a superyacht charter in Hong Kong. If you decide to charter a yacht here, the possibilities for fun and entertainment are virtually endless.

  • If you’re a water-lover, the seemingly never-ending coastline provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy some water-based fun. 
  • You can easily charter a boat to take in the impressive skyline of Victoria Harbour.
  • If something more formal and business-minded interests you, set up a private tour to observe the port of Hong Kong. The vibe and flow of container ships are mesmerizing, especially as this is one of the most active ports in the world.
  • Hong Kong’s islands of Lama and Po Toi offer visitors unique insight into local lifestyles. There are also picturesque hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views of both the land and seascape.
  • For a more isolated, natural-focused adventure, charter a yacht to view the uninhabited island grouping of Nineping or head to Sai Kung and further up north. Volcanic activity throughout millions of years has shaped unique and remarkable rocky outcrops.
  • And for a more culturally immersive experience when chartering a superyacht to Hong Kong, schedule your adventure to coincide with Chinese New Year. Even if you never step off of your boat, the sounds and fireworks are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

2. Thailand

For the perfect blend of culture, history, food, and fun, Thailand should be your next destination. Since Thailand is surrounded by water, the coastline provides fantastic access points to go ashore. 

  • You may want to charter a superyacht in Phuket. It’s one of the top destinations to visit in Thailand due to the crystal clear water, cliffs, and white sand. If you’re a movie buff who likes to visit filming locations, the movies The Man with the Golden Gun and The Beach were filmed here.
  • For the animal enthusiasts, there’s the opportunity to dive with Hawksbill turtles, whale sharks, and manta rays off of the Similan Islands.
  • If you thrive off of activities that get your adrenaline pumping, take your charter to Krabi. You can enjoy the thrill of rock climbing as well as jungle and elephant trekking. While not as thrilling, hot streams, waterfalls, and temples provide adventurers with the perfect way to unwind.
  • Nature lovers must sail around the 50 islands of Tarutao National Park. While visiting, consider taking in the notable Hole in the Wall Anchorage. This location is set between two large cliffs and has a popular restaurant as well as eagle feeding areas.

3. The Caribbean

No other location in the world is considered to be as close to paradise as the Caribbean islands. The height of luxury would be to set your destination to the Caribbean on a superyacht. While the beauty alone is worth the visit, the Caribbean offers more than clear blue waters.

  • It wouldn’t be a trip to the Caribbean without enjoying a fruity, tropical beverage from any one of the bars on the beach.
  • Just being able to say that you’re chartering a yacht to the Caribbean makes you the envy of most people, but there’s something you can do while there that might just top that. If you head over to the island of Big Major Key, you can swim with pigs. These little piggish creatures act as the welcoming committee and will swim out to greet you as your yacht comes in.
  • A visit to the Caribbean means that you can enjoy all of the activities that it is known for including snorkelling, swimming with wildlife, and participating in local events throughout the year.

4. China

Visiting China on your chartered superyacht can only be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. History, traditions, and bold cities are just a small sampling of what visiting China offers.

  • If taking in China’s natural landscape interests you, consider visiting Sanya. This area is rich in history and has both gorgeous seas and striking forests throughout the city.
  • For anyone fascinated by the business aspect of China, the financial district of Shanghai can be electric for the right visitor.
  • Architecture can be enjoyed at many locations while visiting China, but The Bund Promenade in Shanghai is one of the more popular locations for both classic and modern structures.

5. South Pacific

Visiting the South Pacific by charter boat allows you the opportunity to travel along bright, clear waters while enjoying access to many beautiful islands.

  • Visit the world’s largest lagoon in New Caledonia. This area, which spans over 14,000 miles, allows any water lover to enjoy perfect water conditions at any time.
  • With so many individual islands, it can be fun to see how each one’s history and culture varies from place to place. With 992 islands to choose from, you might just want to extend that charter experience.
  • Fiji loves to welcome guests. Performances of their traditional dance and quite a potent adult beverage, Kava, are proof of their hospitality.
  • Snorkel lovers will want to see the manta rays and native fish swimming among coral gardens in Fiji.
  • Bora Bora offers hikers some of the world’s most beautiful vegetation and tropical flowers.
  • Foodies must make sure that their charter has a stop planned at the island of Taha. The local French Polynesian cuisine takes local food to a whole new level.


Deciding to charter a superyacht is easy. Selecting only one or a few of the amazing places listed here as well as many other possible destinations might seem to be next to impossible. Whether a person wants to charter a superyacht to Hong Kong or Phuket, the trip is bound to provide an amazing time. Contact our team at Simpson Yacht Charter for their advice and suggestions depending on your brief and desire.

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