Top Thai Vegetarian Dishes

3368966475_0afef3826c_bAre you on a bareboat charter holiday in Phuket over the Vegetarian festival? Then take advantage and sample some of the great Thai Vegetarian dishes that Thailand is renowned for.
A lot of Thai people practise vegetarianism, known as mung-sa-wi-rat at some point in their lives whether for a body cleanse or a lifestyle choice.

Of course Thailand has a prolific amount of vegetables to choose from and generally the Thai people consume more fruit and vegetables than meat. Some of the most popular and well known ingredients in Thai vegetarian cuisine include; soy sauces, tofu, fresh chillies, garlic, lemon grass, coconut milk, ginger, coriander and kaffir lime.

Here are some of our favourite vegetarian Thai dishes;

Tom Yam Hed – A delicious sour & spicy mushroom soup

Pad Thai – fried rice noodles

Pad Tau-hu priew waan – Sweet and sour fried tofu

Pad pak ruam – mixed fried vegetables normally including baby corn and snow peas

Pak thod – deep fried vegetables in tempura batter

Po pia thod – fried spring rolls


Image courtesy of Vegan Feast Catering at http://flickr.com/photos/25128194@N02/3368966475

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