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10th September 2014

Top 10 Places to visit on a sailing holiday in Thailand: Koh Kai Island

Chicken IslandOn a sailing holiday in Thailand a must visit place would have to be Ko Kai island, which is a tiny idyllic island situated just east of Phuket.

Also known as Chicken Island due to the the limestone rock formation shaped like a rooster that prominently sticks out from the mountain that has become a symbol of the Krabi sea province.
The island is actually part of the Poda Group of Islands and belongs to the Taru-tao marine national park.

The name of the island actually means “egg island”, called such due to the fact that it is a major egg-laying site for the native turtles, plus the sandy beach here is a beautiful white eggshell colour.

It is a fabulous spot for swimming, diving and snorkelling, with crystal clear turquoise seas to enjoy the coral and abundant multi-coloured fish.

One of the must see sights on Koh Kai has to be the enormous natural stone arch, the gate in the middle is large enough to pass underneath easily and is truly a beautiful sight and well worth a visit here on your sailing holiday.
There is also a great scenic point at the south end of the island, where with a little effort, a climb up to the viewpoint, gives you a magnificent view of the beautiful coastline of white beaches.

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