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14th March 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Private Yacht Chartering

We take vacations to escape the stress of our jobs or get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These refreshing adventures give us the much-needed time to recharge and unwind.

There is no better vacation than to see the world from the serenity of the ocean. That said, one of the best investments you can make is chartering a yacht. Having a yacht allows you to explore new horizons and provide a release from the stress of your daily life.

With the help of this article, you’ll be able to have the best vacation ever through luxury yacht rental.


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Yacht Chartering

If you want to appreciate the luxury of travelling to different coastal areas or island destinations without interruption, you should consider yacht chartering. It would be wonderful to travel with ease and comfort without competing with crowds.

With a charter yacht, you may customise your trip to suit your preferences. You will also receive one of the best services, from the professional captain who will guide you throughout your tour to the welcoming crew who will make sure you and your family are comfortable. Overall, this choice of vacation will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable cruising break.



When Is The Best Time Should I Charter?

There are two popular options when picking a time of year to charter a yacht: winter and summer.

Winter can be a particularly pleasant time to be at sea. Not a lot of people go sailing during this time, so you will feel like the sea is yours. But most people go on sailing adventures during the summer. Therefore, you can expect yacht chartering businesses to be busier in July and August.



What Are the Common Seasonal Charter Destinations?

It’s not easy to choose a charter destination. However, the season you prefer and the type of charter experience you want can help you find the perfect place.

The most popular yacht charter destinations during the summer are typically European and Mediterranean islands. These countries include Italy, Croatia, Greece, and France, Monaco or Italy. During the winter, yacht sailors primarily flock to the Caribbean islands. Popular destinations here include the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica.

You can also choose a year-round charter if you want a more flexible adventure. This will help you explore more sailor-friendly climate destinations like the Asia Pacific, Brazil, the Bahamas, Florida, Australia, and New Zealand. The beauty of these locations can be enjoyed at any time of year.




What Size and Type of Yacht Will I Charter?

In general, the number of guests will determine the cost of chartering a yacht. Mid-size yachts are less than 80 feet in length, so they are ideal for groups of fewer than ten people. This choice is also perfect for family vacations or an intimate getaway with a small group of friends.

Meanwhile, the large yachts can accommodate one to two dozen people. The dimensions range from 30-70m or even much more for the world’s biggest superyachts for charter.



What Will The Cost of Chartering a Yacht Be?

If you want to experience a vacation with a touch of luxury, be prepared to pay a premium price. The cost of chartering a boat depends on the yacht’s size and type, amenities, duration of use, number of crew, destination, itineraries, and preferences. Additional charges include insurance, taxes, crew gratuity, fuel, and docking fees.


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What is a Shoulder Season?

Many people choose to go on a vacation during the shoulder season, which is in spring and fall. These are the best times to charter a yacht because of discounts. The demand for a boat is slightly lower, and there is minor crowding. Furthermore, the best place to visit during this time is the Mediterranean, because of the pleasant climate.


Would I need a charter broker?

The yacht chartering experience will be more memorable without encountering problems along the way. To have a smooth vacation, you will need the expertise of someone who will plan with us every component of our charter—one who can find us the best possible service.

Consider enlisting the assistance of a charter broker to discuss your options. Their knowledge and expertise can assist you with itineraries, the best destinations, and the best yacht for you. Furthermore, yacht chartering through a broker will not cost you anything because the boat’s owner pays their fees.


Yacht Charter Service


Some Yacht Chartering Etiquettes

Each company has different rules and regulations. Therefore, the most important thing to remember when chartering a yacht is paying attention to the captain’s and crew’s safety briefings. Since the crew is with you from the beginning to the end of your journey, any changes in plans must be communicated to them.

Furthermore, although you are renting a yacht, you should still treat it like your own. Stick to the “barefoot” rule, so you should keep shoes outside the cabin as much as possible. If you intend to bring your lovely pet dogs, please inquire first. Some companies have specific rules when it comes to animals. Most importantly, don’t forget to tip the crew as a traditional expression of gratitude for their attentive services.


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