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7th November 2014

Must Visit places on a sailing holiday in Thailand: Koh Hong

Hong_Island,_PhuketOn our list of must visit places whilst on a sailing holiday in Thailand, would be Koh Hong. Koh Hong is part of a group of four islands set amongst the spectacular beauty of Phang Nga Bay in the National Marine Park.

The main island Koh Hong is totally uninhabited apart from birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards which are often spotted on the one stunning white sandy beach – Pelay Beach.

The beach is framed by limestone rock formations offering a beautiful backdrop to this quiet beach which gives you the genuine deserted island experience!

There is  a large lagoon in the middle of the island, known as the ‘Room” or “chamber” where at low tide you can access through a dramatic cliff passage, the sea, as the water level goes down, changes to a crystal clear turquoise colour from its normal deep emerald green and is a beautiful sight.

There is another beautiful island in this group called Koh Lahding where you may come across men collecting birds’ nest from the collectors’ camp in the sheltered cove for the famous ‘birds nest’ soup’.

The snorkelling for all these islands is pretty impressive too, so a definite group of islands to visit on your sailing holiday in Thailand.


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