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29th July 2015

Safe sailing in Thailand

Safe sailing in Thailand

Whether you are sailing in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, then it is very good practise to remind yourself of a few fundamental safe sailing techniques in order to keep you and your crew as safe as possible during your time sailing in Thailand, then you can relax and enjoy the stunning cruising area that we have here in Thailand.

Check your sailing skills and experience.

Firstly always be honest about your skill level, sailing in Thailand is not too challenging, but you will experience a fair amount of wind ranging from around 10-20 knots, you will also need to understand about tidal flow and have the ability to navigate in open waters. You will primarily be anchoring in protected anchorages, but also using marina slips. So to fully enjoy your holiday sailing in Thailand and to keep everyone on board safe, then you will need to make sure that you or somebody on board your yacht as the relevant experience and knowledge.helico

Always check the weather!

It is a fundamental part of sailing to remember to check the weather before you set off every day! It may be nice and calm where you are before you set off for the day, but that can change quickly and could determine where you are planning to go for the day or the evening. So it is always a good idea to check the forecast, and pay attention to the wind speed and directions too, so you know what you can expect to encounter whilst you are out sailing for the day.

Check your boat and kit!

Lagoon 52_NCL9931Another good habit to get into, whether you are sailing in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, is to always inspect your boat and gear over before heading off. It is good practise to ensure that everything on board is working safely and correctly and is in good condition. All charter yachts should carry the correct safety equipment, such as life jackets, flares, paddles, marine radios etc… but it is a good idea for you to check them over and make sure that everyone on board knows and understands how to use everything.

Plan your route

Lagoon 5601

Another good practise to get into is planning out your route that you intend to do whilst you are sailing in Thailand. Obviously weather conditions and tidal ranges may make you change your plans whilst you are out on your charter, but if you have a vague plan of where you are planning on going, then you can leave this with the marina or base office and rest in the knowledge that someone knows where and when you are planning on going. Though you will normally be able to maintain radio contact with the base and local marinas, it is also a good idea to have a mobile phone with you as sometimes that is a quicker way of getting in touch with the marina office if you need to.

Enjoy it!

So now you have set all the precautionary measures in place, and are happy with the skill level required and that all your crew are well rehearsed in the emergency procedures, then you can relax and enjoy the beautiful and stunning sailing area that is all now within your grasp!

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