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7th September 2022

Private Yacht Charter vs Cruise Ship Holiday

Planning to travel is always exciting. Yet with the number of travel options available today, it can be difficult to know which form of travel is right for you. Especially so if you want to travel on the water. The different options you have can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

Taking a yacht charter or cruise ship tends to be the more popular choice of travelers who want to be able to go from place to place with ease. Yet most people won’t even consider a yacht charter because of some common misconceptions.

Chartering a yacht is more accessible today than ever before, even if you’re not among the ultra-rich customers of the world. In fact, you might be surprised at how much more you can get for your money when you decide to charter your own yacht as opposed to most people booking a cruise ship holiday.

Take a Cruise or Charter a Yacht?


Cruise ships are always considered when people want to go on vacation because they’ve been an established staple in travel for quite some time. Some people go straight to buying their pass for a cruise ship without even considering any other options.
Today, yachts are becoming more and more sought after for a different kind of vacation. Some people think that the benefits of going on a cruise far outweigh what chartering a superyacht can offer or cost. Picking a yacht charter vs cruise ship is a harder choice than ever before.
The truth of the matter is that both are valid options and it often comes down to deciding which one will offer you the best experience possible. And that can boil down to simple preferences.

Cruise Ships Never Stop Entertaining

Food plater

Even if you’ve never been on a cruise, you likely have a basic idea of what you can expect on one just from seeing commercials or hearing details from friends. Some of what a cruise ship offers might be appealing while other aspects leave you hesitant to even consider going on one for a future vacation.
Cruise ships are masters of offering more than you could ever hope to enjoy as far as food and entertainment for their passengers. Excess is the name of the game and there’s no way for you to miss out on whatever is being offered or happening on board.
You can enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking pretty much around the clock. Cruise ships also offer a vacation-inside-a-vacation experience with pools and mini-water parks. If your stomach is full and you’re ready to sit back and be entertained, there’s no shortage of musicals and other acts happening at any given time.

Cruise Ships Keep You on a Schedule

Cruise Ship

While the number of options that are on board to keep you busy may make it seem like you never want to leave the boat, you’ll be stopping at so many amazing locations on your journey. However, these stops will be brief. If you’re someone who wants to really soak in and explore new countries or tropical locations, a cruise ship might not be the best choice for you.
A lot of times, people who book a vacation on a cruise ship will do so because of how many locations the boat will allow passengers to visit during their trip. Since the ship must stick with a pretty strict schedule, you may not get to stay in any location for as long as you like. Sometimes, you won’t get to spend more than a few hours at any one spot. The opportunity to truly experience the location and culture of any one spot only allows for a short time to get as much done as possible.
For anyone who loves to immerse themselves in a new location, a cruise ship simply doesn’t allow for it. You and every other passenger on board must adhere to a strict schedule and if you don’t get back to the boat on time, you risk becoming stranded in that location.

Cruises Are Crowded

Ship cruising

No matter what time of year you book your cruise, you’re always going to be sailing along with hundreds, if not thousands of other people. While a cruise ship is quite large, the sheer number of people can make certain areas of the ship feel very crowded. Since pretty much every space on board except for your cabin is open to the public, you share most of your vacation with strangers.
Unless you’re on a specific kind of cruise, you may also have to make allowances for children and the activity and noise that comes with them. Many families go on cruises together and the overall noise level can be too much for some people.

Privacy and Personalised Yacht Charters

You might be tempted to just go on a cruise ship because chartering a yacht must be way too expensive. Yet since many people travel in groups with family or friends, the overall cost of chartering a boat can be, in some cases, comparable to the cost of going on a cruise.
When you decide to enjoy a vacation on a yacht, you get peace of mind knowing that you are surrounded by people you want to go on a vacation with and no one else. You get to enjoy privacy whenever you like, even if you have a crew on board.
With the global Covid-19 crisis over the last few years, some people don’t want to be in crowded areas. Many don’t want to risk contracting anything from the flu to the Coronavirus. When you’re on a personally chartered yacht, you can relax knowing that there aren’t any strangers you have to be concerned about.

How Much Does Chartering a Yacht Cost

If you shop around for a boat that seems to be a good fit for your vacation, you’ll likely notice that not all ships cost the same amount to charter. The more demand there is for a chartered yacht, the more competitive the pricing will be.
On average, a single person can pay around $6,000 for all-inclusive cruise vacations. If you are traveling as a couple or group, the total everyone will be paying for their tickets can easily be combined to cover the cost of your chartered boat.
So if you were willing to spend $6,000 per person to go on a cruise and you pooled that $6,000 for a party of eight people traveling on a yacht, you could come up with $48,000. When you add more people to the traveling party, you have more potential to be able to bask in the luxury and freedom you want with your chartered yacht.
Make sure to account for any additional expenses you might have beyond what you pay for the yacht. You might be able to charter a boat that is all-inclusive while other ones require add on the cost of food and drink while also paying for fuel and other fees.

Be More Than A Guest


When you decide to travel on a yacht, you’re signing up for the best service you can get on any vacation. If you’re chartering a crewed yacht, every need you have will be met, many times even before you need it. You can enjoy exceptional meals, cleaning and so many other services tailored just for you and your guests when you vacation on a yacht.

Make the Right Choice for You

Making the right decision about whether to charter a yacht or book a cabin on a cruise can be overwhelming. Consider your needs and the needs of those you are traveling with to help you narrow down your choices.
There are benefits and drawbacks to going on a cruise and chartering a yacht for your next vacation. Many of the differences can be boiled down to each one’s perks and price points. The rest comes down to personal preferences. Most travel situations can allow you the luxury of enjoying a superyacht charter for possibly the best vacation you’ll ever enjoy.

Deciding to charter a yacht is easy. Select your ideal charter boat in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia from our extensive list of charter yachts here. Contact our team at Simpson Yacht Charter for their advice and suggestions depending on your brief and desire.

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