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6th August 2014

Power over Sail? Which side do you come down on?

motor yachtWhich side do you come down on in great Power over Sail debate? Traditionally there is an element of freedom associated with sailing, the wind in your hair and the only sound being of waves lapping against the bow of your boat, however motor yachts are not just about speed demons looking to get to places quickly, they too have their place in our sailing community as they will have their fair share of true sailors onboard. These days it would be true to also say that some new sailing yachts are being built to motor yacht specifications and therefore the lines between sail and motor are becoming increasingly blurred.

Whichever side you come down on it is easy to see why a motor yacht appeals as the bonuses are many;

  • Great for covering a large distance – easily pop over to one of the many beautiful bays for a quick lunch and back in a day
  • Can only spare a few days holiday? Well with a  Motor Yacht if you only have a short holiday charter period then you can still cover a fair amount of ground.
  • Brilliant for spectating at events on the water be it sailing or others – you can get right in amongst the action and out again quicker!
  • Easier accessibility – They have a shallow draft generally, allowing you to approach some areas that a traditional sailing yacht may not be able to reach.
  • Great for novice sailors – if you don’t have the sailing experience for a traditional yacht, but are well versed in motor boats, then a Motor yacht charter could be the holiday for you as they are generally easier to operate.

So whichever side you err towards, a motor yacht can still be an exhilarating and wonderful “sailing’ experience!


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