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19th June 2014

Must Visit places on a sailing holiday in Thailand: Koh Panyee (Sea Gypsy Island)

Sea Gypsy IslandOn our list of must visit places on a sailing holiday in Thailand would have to be Koh Panyee, or Sea Gypsy Village.

What’s there?

Koh Panyee or Sea Gypsy village, is a small island consisting of vertical limestone cliffs, with the village itself an extraordinary feat of local engineering, in that the hundreds of huts, shacks, restaurants are all built on wooden and concrete stilts over the surrounding shallow sea. It is most certainly a sight that you don’t want to miss when on a yacht charter in Thailand.

About the island…

Fishing was primarily the sole industry for this community, but now this has been overtaken by tourism, though around half of the island’s inhabitants are still fisherman.

The village is completely self serving as it has it’s own school, a mosque, a health centre and lots of shops and restaurants all overlooking the sea. It also famously has it’s own floating football pitch!


There is a dizzying array of souvenir shops catering to the tourists, so it’s great for a spot of local shopping.

The seafood, unsurprisingly, is also amazing as you are in a fishing village, literally in the ocean! So allow yourself time to experience a freshly caught, delicious meal.

How do I get there?

Koh Panyee is only a couple of hours sail away from Sarakul pier in Phang Nga Bay.


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