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28th January 2016

Top Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysian FoodMalaysia has a tantalising array of dishes to sample when traveling around the country, but when travelling by yacht, you need to have the requisite ingredients to create your own interpretations of some of the classics. Or even better, get the chef to do it for you. In this article we will walk you through five of the most popular Malaysian dishes so that you can ensure you get the most from your Langkawi Yacht experience.

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This dish is an adapted version of a south Chinese recipe. Bakuteh, which translates to mean a meat bone tea, is a herby soup comprised of a pork rib broth rich with garlic, herbs and spices including the signatures of the region; cinnamon and star anise.

Cloves and fennel seeds are also usually added. It is an intensely rich dish owing to the fat from the pork, and this is why it is served in broth. Other optional additional ingredients include tofu which is a great substitute for the pork for any vegetarian diners, and also mushrooms to add some more texture to the dish.


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Many regions claim Satay as their own, and it is most commonly seen in Thai or Chinese dishes, but the Malaysians do a great one. Hot skewers of your chosen meat can be marinated in a peanut rich, and spice laden sauce which is a favourite right around the globe. It’s a fun, sharing type food to eat, and also as delicious the next day to really let the meat take on the flavours of the marinade. Tumeric is key to the taste of this dish, and you can add vegetables to suit your pallet. This dish tastes like you have eaten something naughty, but it is actually packed with nutrients unlike other comfort foods. Satay is particularly tasty when accompanied by something light and crisp such as cucumber, or maybe even some little pieces of pineapple.




This dish is often considered the national dish of Malaysia. Meaning rice in cream, the dish is formed of a small banana leaf parcel, encasing sticky coconut rice, and accompanied by a glorious mix of spice, crisp anchovies, roasted nuts, egg, and cucumber. You can play with this a little and chose hard boiled eggs or more of an omelette style depending on your preference. There is salt, sweet, crunch, and smoothness all in one recipe here, with the signature spicy kick of the region to top it all off. Typically served alongside another dish such as a curry, or eaten alone as a breakfast food.

Roti Canai

Malaysian CuisineNow this is one for breakfast. A descendent of an Indian recipe, made up of an elasticated dough (flour, egg, and ghee) which is then stretched out, and folded over to be cooked on a griddle. Akin to a croissant, this dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It can also be created as an accompaniment to a dahl, or other main dish much like a naan would. Also known as flying bread due to chef’s ability to flip and toss it like a pancake. A traditional flatbread of sorts, which when cooked right, is one of the simplest but tastiest recipes that comes from Malaysian cuisine.

hainanese-chicken-lg-691Hainanese Chicken rice

Last but not least, this chicken boiled stock which is traditionally served with cooled rice. This rice has also been cooked in the stock of the chicken to make sure that none of the glorious chicken taste is wasted. The dish is also characterised by the fragrant chilli, ginger, and garlic flavours that are added to the stock. This one is a great warming dish, and is also very comforting for that reason. Like a good chicken soup, this recipe is sure to make you feel in tip top health.

IS Kizilkaya Raja Ampat

There are so many delicious Malaysian recipes, but these five are the most famous and for good reason. They are staples of the local diet, and can be dressed up and dressed down for any occasion or for any meal of the day. If you are armed with this suite of dishes, you are sure to have a delicious time on your yacht charter. Good food is important when on board, to keep you energised and ready for the adventures that lay ahead. These dishes are simple, yet warming, and exciting.

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