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23rd October 2019

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 JOY – Last Winter slot left in French Polynesia. Brand new itinerary from Captain now available.

Take advantage of the unique chance to experience the ultimate holiday aboard JOY, a stunning Lagoon SEVENTY 7 superyacht presently based in French Polynesia. With the last remaining charter for New Year Charter/January 2020 still left this is your last chance to enjoy JOY in these incredible surroundings.

JOY’s captain has shared with us his suggested cruising itinerary around the Rangiroa Atoll in French Polynesia, which is has been based on the enjoyment of previous charter guests who loved the experience and the location.


  French Polynesia



Fly in to Tahiti and from Tahiti fly to Rangiroa. The local operator is Air Tahiti Nui and they seem to do a good job. Depending on what time you arrive in Tahiti you may wish to look at getting a hotel for the evening and fly out to Rangiroa the following day.

The arrival and departure times of a yacht charter are normally set to midday. Rangiroa being very remote it might be tough to work with this schedule so the yacht will accept the guests onboard earlier to make sure they have a comfortable start to their unique holidays.


French Polynesia



The amazing thing about traveling here it is that the Rangiroa Atoll is still very untouched and out of the way of most yacht traffic. We recently had a charter there and we did the circumference of the inside of the Lagoon within a week, moving to the best anchorage spots according to the weather conditions for the guests’ comfort. The Atoll is very large so you could keep doing this for longer than a week if you wanted to.


French Polynesia


However, there are a few key spots which we found that are worth exploring more.

1) The first are the snorkelling spots right by the pass which were really amazing. Wealthy corals and fish life like you have never seen before. The passes are also very popular for the pods of dolphins that you can see there on a daily basis. They come into the pass when there is an outgoing current which creates some waves and turns it into what looks like a playground for the dolphins. They play like acrobats in the waves. You could attempt seeing this from the tender however the best spot is to be on shore at one of the local restaurants to have a drink and enjoy the show. Let us guide you to the best viewing location!


French Polynesia


2)  After this first experience, our movements will depend on the weather. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful settings we have ever seen. There are loads of small mutus (islands) to explore on kayaks or paddle boards, lots of young Blacktip Sharks to see, and some of the bluest waters to explore. A picnic or sunset drinks on one of these mutus is a definite must. It might even be worth staying here for more than just one night.


French Polynesia


3) Opposite the Atoll there are also some interesting beaches to explore, some with fine sands that have a pink glare to it, others with interesting lime stone rock formation mazes. There are also some more interesting mutus with the really stunning beaches, and smaller lagoons which are completely deserted. Be ready to explore!

The Rangiroa Atoll is really large so you are looking at 2-4 hours of moving every day to cover all the interesting areas to go to. Let us organise you an amazing itinerary with some of the Planet’s most spectacular seascapes.

To enquire about a bespoke yacht charter on JOY, please enquire at [email protected].


French Polynesia


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