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Day 1: Marina (Ternate)

Begin your magical trip in the old city of Ternate, the former historic centre of the spice trade, rich in diversity and culture.  Unwind for your first night aboard your private yacht.


Day 2: Jailolo, Halmahera

Cruise towards the nearby island of Halmahera, the largest of the Maluku Islands, diverse in its volcanic display of cones, fresh lava flows and hot springs. Explore the village of Jailolo to pay visit to the old ‘Controleur’s Huis’ and discover ancient treasures. Sail along the western wild coast of Halmahera and take in the historical and impressive surroundings.

Day 3: Loloda Islands

Historically proclaimed as ‘The Gate to the North’, visit the Loloda Islands and explore the local mysteries as you take a tender ride in search of a legendary waterfall, alleged for its rejuvenating waters. Nearby reefs offer the perfect chance for some unmissable snorkeling.


Day 4: Dodola Island

Exquisite white beaches await you at Dodola Island with sands so extensive they link the neighboring islands.  Pristine turquoise waters provide the perfect setting for incredible snorkeling or to simply relax in the beautiful surroundings. Why not explore the jungle in search of Air Kaca, the mysterious ‘mirror’ pond, before an afternoon in paradise on Morotai Island?



Day 5: Tobelo

Tobelo is the capital of the North Halmahera regency and the perfect place to step ashore and explore the town. An afternoon cruising will take you to your evening anchor in the quaint port of Subaim, passing several bays on the journey.


Day 6: Tugutil

Trek the rainforests of the National Park alongside the indigenous Tugutil tribe and discover a bounty of wildlife in this beautiful sanctuary. Soak up the local knowledge from your guides as you keep a look out for the native ‘golden cat’. Soak up the sunset as you cruise off to the north.


Day 7: Buli Bay

Experience the remote villages of Buli Bay, an area bursting with coconut plantations before an afternoon in pursuit of the finest snorkeling spots. Wave goodbye to Halmahera with the sunset as you sail towards the Raja Ampat archipelago.


Day 8: Wayag Islands

Wake up to the unique surroundings of the Wayag Islands and hike the beautiful landscape to discover unbeatable views of these magical islets, rising steeply from the sea.



Day 9: Waigeo, Raja Islands

Continue your adventure towards the mountainous Island of Waigeo, the largest of the Raja Islands, alongside large schools of porpoises known to roam this passageway. Reach Latitude zero and admire the mountainous peaks on the horizon as you cruise along the Equator.



Day 10: Gam

Enjoy a hike through the scenic Island of Gam before sunrise for a chance to witness the unique red bird of paradise. Savour this magical moment from a viewing station as the dawn breaks and the jungle stirs to life around you.


Day 11: Wai

Unwind in paradise as you are greeted by the exquisite white sand beaches and pristine waters of Wai Island. Snorkel the vibrant reefs before a final evening relaxing in this perfect utopia.


Day 12: Marina (Sorong)

A final cruise to Sorong concludes your incredible adventure, where you will bid farewell to your yacht with memories to last a lifetime.


After a final al fresco breakfast, depart your yacht with memories to last a lifetime.

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