Simpson Marine Search Yachts


Day 1: Kri Island

Join your yacht and experience first the exquisite island of Kri, a tropical paradise complete with bright white beaches, crystal waters and incredible reefs. Relax and unwind to the sound of the rainforest as you settle into life onboard.



Day 2: Gam Island

Enjoy a morning of snorkelling and discover the underwater utopia and rich reefs of the Raja Ampat Islands. Take a hike through the scenic Island of Gam to a viewing point for a chance to witness the unique red bird of paradise and abundant jungle wildlife. An overnight cruise will take you across the equator and into the northern hemisphere.



Day 3: Wayag Islands

Wake up to the unique and incomparable surroundings of the Wayag Islands. A hike through this beautiful landscape is worth the unbeatable views of these magical islets, rising steeply from the sea. Explore the nearby beaches and enjoy a swim or snorkel before a delicious barbeque on the beach.


Day 4: Kafiau Island & Boo Islands

Use the tender to explore the coast of Kafiau Island, with the crystal clear waters providing a perfect window to the magical kingdom of the sea floor. The uninhabited Boo Islands await where you can take a snorkel in a nearby lagoon surrounded by an unrivalled array of spectacular birdlife.


Day 5: Batanme

As the dawn breaks, cruise towards Batanme and admire this diverse and remarkable landscape. Step ashore to this isolated island and visit a local village to learn of its long and notable history.



Day 6: Farondi Islands

The Misool archipelago is the epitome of natural beauty and the Farondi Islands, where you will spend your day, provide an unrivalled spot to enjoy a swim and snorkel in these impeccable surroundings.


Day 7: Farondi Islands

A cluster of deserted islands provides the perfect setting to take the tender for an unforgettable day exploring pristine beaches and bustling reefs.



Day 8: Kepulauan Penyu

A final chance to indulge in some snorkelling or cool off in the calm turquoise waters. Towering trees cover this small group of islands and provide a refreshingly different landscape to admire as you cruise towards your next destination.


Day 9 & 10: Batanta Island

Make acquaintance with local villagers on Batanta Island and soak up the rich culture as you listen attentively to local tales, adventures and secrets.


Enjoy a final breakfast onboard before a short cruise back to the mainland. Depart your yacht with memories to last a lifetime.


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