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Day 1: Marina (Maumere Harbour) to Lembata

Step aboard your yacht in Flores and unwind with your first dinner onboard against the exquisite backdrop of the sunset. Relax during an overnight cruise to the Island of Lembata.



Day 2: Lembata

Venture ashore Lembata Island to immerse yourself in the culture of the old traditional villages and witness the production of the famous ‘ikat’ weavings of the region.  Trek further up the Ile Ape Mountain to discover traditional Indonesian ‘adat’ houses before heading back to the boat to cool off in the pristine waters or admire yet another sunset in paradise.


Day 3: Kumba

Wake up to the amazing sight of the Island of Kumba, a smouldering vocano lying within the Flores Sea. Step ashore to pebble beaches and experience snorkeling ‘under the volcano’. Enjoy the calm cruise across the Flores Sea to your next stop.


Day 4: Tukang Besi archipelago

Experience the finest reefs and pristine beaches of the Tukang Besi archipelago, stretching over 30 miles of beautiful islands. Here you will first encounter an authentic sea gypsy settlement, home to the Bajau People.


Day 5: Buton Island

Arrive in Bau-Bau, an old port infamous as a historic hub for slave trading and piracy. Explore the historic grandeur of the palace and pay visit to one of the oldest mosques in eastern Indonesia.



Day 6: Muna Island

Winding through islands at dawn, your next stop is Muna island where you can come ashore to step back in time and explore the impressive limestone caves, home to remarkable ancient wall paintings and rock formations.


Day 7: Tolo Bay

Relax with a day of island hopping along the east coast of Sulawesi, stopping to visit local fishing villages and search for turtles. Comb the island beaches for precious shells, the perfect keepsake.


Day 8: Morowali National Park

Arrive in the captivating Bay of Tomori and experience the Morowali National Park as you set sail along the rainforest river in a local boat to make acquaintance with the Wan Tribe. Witness their traditional prehistoric lifestyle and admire the unusual wildlife that live alongside them in this unique environment.


Day 9: Banggai Islands 

Weave through the town streets in a local becak (bicycle-cab) and rediscover the palace of former sultan on the Banggai Islands. This remote archipelago, comprised of two major islands and 100 islets, is rarely reached.



]Day 10: Sulabesi

Step onto the Island of Sulabesi and wander through the main town to explore an ancient Portuguese fortress. Spend a contrasting afternoon visiting a Bajau settlement and snake your way through a maze of wooden bridges that connect their stilt built houses over the sea.



Day 11: Bacan Island

Cross the equator and cruise into the northern hemisphere towards Bacan Island. Explore the local rainforests in search of native and mysterious wildlife, where naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace discovered several new species. Follow in his footsteps and observe an array of colourful birds in this spectacular environment.


Day 12: Tidore

Begin a morning of island hopping on the beautiful island of Tidore, before an afternoon in the magical old city of Ternate, the former historic centre of the spice trade and rich in diversity and culture.



Day 13: Ternate

Spend a final day immersing yourself in the history of Ternate as you soak up the atmosphere in this wonderful city. Explore the Sultan’s palace and purchase some last authentic local crafts before bidding farewell to your yacht.


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